Paul, Apostle of Christ


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Jim Caviezel as Bobby Jones
Joanne Whalley as Emmie
John Lynch as Lord Archibald Craven
Olivier Martinez as Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asinyne 8 / 10 / 10

Powerful and unusual

It moved slowly at times or was it simply that we expect a higher body count and more explosions in our films? I thought it gained tremendous momentum towards the end and I left feeling very satisfied, uplifted, and quite entertained. This is a very unusual film in many respects. Its very downbeat, almost like film noir...really. Many scenes are quite dark and the lighting effects are really unusual and I found the pleasing. The acting was fine and the and the movie had a very original feel despite everyone knowing about the Apostle Paul and his unique life. I got to say that Christianity has strayed radically from the vision that Paul had!! It was interesting to me how closeups were used in so many scenes. There were some rough scenes including the final ones but that was reality back then and still is in many parts of the world. I recommend this film highly for anyone looking for something deeper that offers a unique perspective on many levels. Definitely worth your time whether you are into religion or not. Good one.

Reviewed by Matt Otter 7 / 10 / 10

A non-believer who is searching

If asked I guess I'd have to be honest and say I'm an atheist, although I don't understand the modern day atheists and their hatred of Christians. I personally don't find any reason to celebrate as I think of my own life ending and that's all there is. Christianity of all the religions is the only one that gives me some spark of hope, however most Christian films are pretty sub par, sorry Christians, I'm just being honest. This film however, is 1 of the exceptions. To be honest, many of the criticisms of this film aren't lying as far as the films content goes - yes, this is a film with very little "nice" things happening, people are imprisoned, killed, and persecuted, (tho thankfully not in graphic detail like in "Passion") it does have "boring" stretches, and it only shows the sad end of Paul's life. However, I think maybe people aren't understanding that this film chose to show this for a reason. Paul's faith, as well as the faith of Luke and the other Christians, shows through all the more when contrasted with this horrible world he was living in. Whether or not I personally am ever able to find some faith, at the very least I can't help but marvel at what these people endured for their beliefs, how many people ever have something so dear to them in their lives, how many people ever have such courage? How many modern day Christians would stay strong if put to such a test? To those nitpicking the little things, I really say take another look and think it over, you're missing the gravity of what these people went through and depth of their beliefs, crazy as it sounds, despite the physical pain they endured, I envy them.

Reviewed by naturallyrockin 7 / 10 / 10

Be prepared for a heavy movie with a great cast

There's no getting around it - this movie is heavy from start to finish - not a moment of comic relief. It is a very sobering film, showing the terrible toll on lives that can occur when evil tyranny is unchecked. It was a fascinating time in history, and an interesting segment of Paul's life to explore -- rather than his 30 years of ministry and 10,000 miles of travel, we get only a focused glimpse into his final days in Nero's prison, with flashbacks to his original time of conversion. On the upside: This movie is very well done from a production, acting & cinematography aspect. It keeps you engaged; its almost like watching a mystery unfold, due to its intensity. Jim Caviezel (as Luke), Olivier Martinez (as the Roman prefect over the prison), and Joanne Whalley (as Priscilla) were all brilliant in their roles. I mean, really brilliant. (I also loved Joanne in her role of Claudia in A.D.; and Jim Caviezel became one of my favorite actors after "Count of Monte Cristo" and "The Passion". But Olivier was the real surprise - extreme talent.) On the downside: Most of the movie feels hopeless. What ever happened to the miraculous power and intense encouragement that Paul operated in during all his years of ministry? I feel that the creators of this movie completely underplayed Paul and stripped him of all the elements that made him who he was in the kingdom of God. That was extremely frustrating, since it presented a powerless, hopeless Christianity, other than to be martyred and receive eternal life. Not very appealing. It made me dislike his character more than like it. In conclusion, the movie is definitely worth seeing for the artistry and story, if you can handle the context, the embellished story line, and a depressing outlook through most of the movie. But if you only like "feel good" movies, you might want to avoid this one.

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