Out of the Furnace


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Boyd Holbrook as Locke
Christian Bale as Jack / Pastor John
Woody Harrelson as Chester W. Nimitz
Zoe Saldana as Adelina Fortnight
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrostyChud 5 / 10 / 10

Not buying it

The down-home music...the worn down working folk...the unspoken black/white solidarity of Steeltown, USA...the little leftist touches..the deer hunt...the self-consciously meditative pacing...the quiet dignity...nope, not buying it! Russell Baze is too tragic/heroic. The whole thing drips with so much gritty authenticity that it parodies itself. I don't believe that life is actually like this wherever it is that this movie was filmed. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that working-class life isn't hard, that working folk don't struggle, or that tragedies like this don't happen. I'm saying that they got the tone wrong. I did a Google image search for the director and he looked exactly how I was expecting him to look: a gin-and-tonic sipping LA man right out of SWINGERS...callow and earnest...enthusiastic...ultimately an attractive dupe with no real style and nothing to say...someone who tells himself that he really wants to tell a sincere story about real people...and why shouldn't I get paid handsomely for it? I am an artist! I can imagine Mr. Cooper sipping cocktails in Hollywood with his screenwriter pals, getting excited as they come up with more and more little touches of quiet authenticity to stick in the screenplay. "I've got an idea! When his dad dies he gets a jailhouse memorial tattoo! Yeah!" My very limited contact with people who have succeeded as screenwriters in LA has led me to a theory. I think there is a perfect intelligence range to write and produce the kind of movies that make money. Maybe intelligence isn't the word. You have to be sharp and observant enough to be able to seize and reproduce the dominant (ideological) discourse in such a way that it is palatable to the movie-going public and emotionally immature enough not to want to step outside of this discourse. The best is when you hit the sweet spot right at the intersection of pure commercial film-making and "artisty". Scott Cooper is a perfect example of the kind of ideal, well-paid dupe I am talking about...fake vision, fake gravitas, fake art, but well-packaged and intelligent enough to be a sure investment. In short, this movie feels like someone's voyeuristic fantasy of working-class authenticity and not a real portrait of life in a place like Braddock. It also feels a lot longer than it is. Also, the cast is good, but everyone is miscast.

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 5 / 10 / 10

What a presentation by Woody Harrelson

It only has the fault of having done it in a large part in the general plane and thus losing a large part of the force. But it's one of the best character presentations I've seen in a long time. In a few seconds, accurate, fast, accurate. All presented of this character. Casey is well presented but not so much and the worst is Bale. He needs a lot of time to introduce him. Too many sequences and too many planes. One of the things I do not like about this movie is that it has about thirty minutes of film left over. Why do I say it? From the presentation of Woody until it comes back out, if I remember correctly, spend almost fifty minutes. He is telling us other things that I think we are not interested in, or half repeating. It is not necessary to see so much of Casey that it is repeated, it is not necessary to see so much of Bale that we are not interested. Or he decides to tell the story of the brothers and Woody or decides to tell the stories of the brothers, but the two can not be told. You do not really know which one is telling you. Once Harrelson comes out again, that's all, this story, then he really was interested in this story and not the other. The actors are all splendid, everyone has their brilliant moments. They are all consecrated actors making a film without a budget and leaving their skin behind. Apart there are faults that I see that I do not believe, I explain them in the spoiler zone. Photography, I understand that in America, fortunately, independent film works and that there are such films, never have a photograph, then when they have shown they are good, they have a budget and they have photography, but of course for the film, photography, He supports with nothing. Does not exist. The direction, the problem for my taste, is that it pretends to explain too much about the characters and it is repeated and lost and the story is gone. He does not know how to make beautiful shots or to have the camera. In fact, there are times when the camera passes without a foreground to general and foreground, with what I get out of the narrative. No instant movie is a movie that is worth watching. Just to see the three of them and see a movie with a background, not just shots and revenge. Spoiler: I can not imagine an American policeman at the end of the movie acting like that, and least of all that character. And the truth is that I was watching the movie and I do not believe that as we know the characters of Bale and Woody, that the story continues as follows. I was watching the movie and I thought how was going to lose Woody used to that life he leads.

Reviewed by robbotnik2000 5 / 10 / 10

Rhymes with Manchester By the Sea, Good Atmospherics, Predictable Story with Unreasonable Characters

This could have been shortened up into a movie with more punch, but seems to lope along nicely. Christian Bale and Casey Affleck are brothers, Bale has a man's-man job at a miniscule steel works company that seems to be put together with ticky-tacky and functioning at a scale so small one can only believe it turns out the metal fixin's for matchbox cars and toy pianos. Casey is a sometime military dude who re-ups or is re-upped to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. He tries to make money by doing anything like standing around waiting for the right numbers to drop. Or fist fighting. The story hangs together barely. Casey's character fights in what are for him fixed fights and he usually takes the dive. But although he does this more than once, he really hates to take dives. And yet his handler, a battered looking Willem Dafoe keeps using him, including in a fight co-managed by a convincingly dangerous looking Woody Harrelson. It is hard to believe that real people behave so stupidly that you want to shout at the screen, but in fact people do behave pretty stupid, so it is believable in real life, only this isn't real life this is a movie which has to be believable. I got the impression that this movie was a precursor to Manchester by the Sea which it preceded in release by 3 years, but the Casey Affleck character is the same character, a skinny man's man with major interior issues which cause him to experience major depression yet express himself violently. His movements, and that of older brother Christian Bale are played out in this long, predictable revenge story. Other characters were played by the comely Zoe Saldana and the grim, somewhat blocky appearance of Forest Whittaker. Good to see, but not really pivotal to the plot, such as it was. I don't know if the town of Braddock is real or what State it is in, but I enjoyed the industrial ruin of a small town atmospherics. Reminiscent of places I'm from that haunt me. The music was unremarkable. The story played out predictably right to the end.

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