Operation: Endgame


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Adam Scott as Caleb Sinclaire
Bob Odenkirk as Father March
Odette Annable as Angela, Daughter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DevastationBob-3 1 / 10 / 10

Toilet Paper Tiger

On the cover you will see this movie has popular actors in it, Zach Gallifanakis, Rob Condry, Ving Rhames, Maggie Q and you may think, "I have enjoyed these actors in other roles." You will see guns and think, "I like guns and movies with guns in them, and I like likable actors using guns in movies." Do not be fooled, there are no good performances or gun-play in this movie. There IS a bad and unfunny script. There is some attempt at tacking on a muddled political message. So if you like badly scripted, half-baked political thrillers without thrills you might enjoy this. This movie is about two groups of covert intelligence operatives who exist only to oppose each other...that work for the same government in the same department. If you have no problem with that idea, go ahead and see this movie. Both groups are composed of unfleshed out sociopaths, so it's not really easy to care about the characters, but that's OK because apparently you're not supposed to. The dialogue has more f-words than punctuation because that makes it "edgy" and not annoying at all. It also makes for a fun drinking game, since it means you'll be in an alcohol coma before you're 10 minutes into this hunk of crap and spare yourself the pain of watching it in it's entirety. It sorta follows the story of CLUE (better movie, see it instead!)and once the murder of the agency overseer is discovered, they pair up with their opposite (the person they've spent all their time opposing) and look for an exit from the giant bomb in the building (there is no escaping the giant bomb that is this movie). Once paired up, these top notch espionage agents display cunning and survival instincts that would make a Crystal Lake camper look like Bear Grylls. Rob Condry swears angrily a lot (maybe he was watching the dailies) and everyone dies, but SPOILER/Surprise! the new guy was really super competent and a mole. This movie was stupid, don't see it.

Reviewed by equazcion 5 / 10 / 10

Fun movie

Reading the plot summary I went in thinking this would be all mindless action. The action is pretty mindless, but the movie is really more comedy than anything else. The dialog is the real treat here (especially that delivered by Rob Corddry). We're taken into an unexpected world, where American covert operatives are shown to be unglamorous, ultra-jaded, and a little crazy, like your average caricature of a stereotypical office environment, complete with cubicles, water coolers and fluorescent lights. It's far from the suave and sophisticated spy life normally depicted. It seems like a typical day at the office, until something goes terribly wrong and suddenly everyone starts killing each other. Though still cracking jokes and making sarcastic banter. I found the movie entertaining almost throughout. It's written and performed well for the most part. Aside from a couple of exceptions, the impressive cast list only play bit parts. Don't expect to see much of Ving Rhames or Zack Galifianakis, for example. Nevertheless I thought everyone was nicely utilized, for the amount of time they chose to donate. My only serious problem with the movie came towards the end, when the movie seemed to try and offer some sort of serious message tied into real-life events as its conclusion; which just didn't work, probably because it didn't jive with the humorous meat of the film you just watched. The movie works best at face value, without the backstory that's eventually revealed. Basically it tries to be too much, when it should've settled for just being fun.

Reviewed by lewiskendell 5 / 10 / 10

Another example of a great idea resulting in a not so great movie.

"You think it's easy to look like a bearded tampon?" What a weird, odd, and ultimately underwhelming mixture Operation: Endgame ended up being.  I was expecting a bloody action comedy with several really hot women and a couple of funny/interesting actors playing rival assassins who are out for blood, but instead I got a predictable, poorly scripted, ham-fisted critique on Bush-era intelligence operations. The great cast was really the only thing that made this movie somewhat worth my time. We've got Odette Yustman, Zach Galifiankis, Maggie Q, Rob Corddry, Adam Scott, Brandon T. Jackson, Emilie de Ravin, Ving Rhames, Jeffrey Tambor...it's like someone asked me personally about all the actors I'd like to see in a movie. Yet, they're utterly wasted on characters that are terribly written. It shouldn't be possible to make a mediocre movie with a cast this great, but whoever wrote the script certainly pulled it off. The majority of the jokes are unfunny (Corddry does get a few gems, though), the fight choreography is unimpressive, and the movie as a whole would have been better without the looping real-life footage of President Obama's inauguration and the lame attempts to ground the story in some kind of political statement. I'm all for messages in movies, but Operation: Endgame goes about it without any subtlety or wit, and seemed a muddled mess as a result.   I'm giving this a high score than it deserves because I got some enjoyment just from the opportunity to see a few of the actors I'm quite fond of (good Lord, Odette Yustman looks fantastic in a tank top), but I feel pretty comfortable advising others to just skip it, entirely. It's a shame that a movie with such potential ended up stumbling in the execution.

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