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Emmy Rossum as Deladis Slocumb
James Badge Dale as Hank Peck
Mary McDonnell as Sybil Goldrich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brains_Not_Beauty 8 / 10 / 10

A Fun, Harmless Movie

"Nola" is certainly not a masterpiece. On the other hand, it's not a bad movie. I watched "Nola" because I am a HUGE Emmy Rossum fan. I think she's brilliant, beautiful and has an outstanding singing voice. In "Nola", Emmy plays an eighteen-year-old named Nola (shocker, right?). Nola moves from an abusive Kansas home to New York City in search of her father and meets some very interesting characters along the way, turning her search for her father into an "adventure". The first 45 minutes of "Nola" are almost pure romantic comedy. After those first 45 minutes, though, a strange subplot is put into action. The subplot is fairly cheesy and not near as entertaining as I think it was meant to be. But Emmy Rossum's acting saved it. The highlights of the movie were Emmy Rossum's songs. The first was "Street of Dreams" which she sang at the very beginning, and the second was "Don't Break My Heart" which Emmy sang at the end. Her singing voice was amazing and the songs had depth. On the whole, "Nola" is funny, sweet, and sometimes very much outlandish. I would watch again.

Reviewed by alluvus2303 4 / 10 / 10

Into Every Actresses Life, A Lifetime Original Movie Must Come

I am a huge fan of actress Mary McDonnell, which is the only reason I sat through the entire excruciating run of "Nola." And even an actress of McDonnell's considerable skills couldn't save this movie from itself. To put it bluntly, the movie didn't want to admit it was a dumb "Kansas Girl Takes The Big Apple By Storm" flick, so it tossed in a few nuggets of controversy (transgenderism, age-play/BDSM, legalizing prostitution) to try to give it depth. Unfortunately, it didn't cover any of these topics with either depth or sensitivity, turning the entire script into something that more resembled a Talking-Points List for the extreme left than an actual story. Nola herself was the only reasonably developed character, and I didn't like her. Mary McDonnell's character (the ex-hooker with a heart of gold, if you can believe it!) hinted at a background that might have been interesting, but there was no follow through. The other characters were one-dimensional and forgettable. The plot twists, as they were, were formulaic and actually embarrassing at a couple of points, and the resolution of the film was just rushed and wrong. As for me? I'm just going to put in a copy of "Sneakers" or "Dances with Wolves," or maybe watch a few episodes of "Battlestar Galactica," just so I can clear my mind of Mary McDonnell spitting out this dreck dialogue. Love ya, Mary. You're better than this.

Reviewed by retroyoshi 4 / 10 / 10

The lead actors are better than this movie.

I give it a 'D' for Dialogue, which is hackneyed and atrocious, and there isn't a grade low enough for the script. Honestly, I really like the people in this movie, Mary McDonnell especially. But she and they are so much better than this. Mary McDonnell has been in countless movies of better quality. Emmy Rossum was one of the bright spots in "The Day After Tomorrow". James Badge Dale was excellent as Chase in last year's season of "24". Steven Bauer...well, I'm not sure about him. As for "Nola", the idea is good, but the material just isn't there. Seriously, I could see the end of this movie coming an hour before it was over. The young law student rides in on his white horse to save the legal day; Nola herself is put in a sleazy predicament; Leo the reporter breaks the story and, by the way, just happens to be Nola's long lost father; Nola ends up singing for a living; it's all way too predictable. I stuck around out of morbid curiosity; everyone else should spare themselves.

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