Nine Months


Comedy / Romance

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Alexa PenaVega as Kerry
Ashley Johnson as Nicole Gaultier
Julianne Moore as Theresa
Robin Williams as Leslie Zevo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xkatie_pearsonx 7 / 10 / 10

Romantic Comedy

I saw this film was on TV last night, and decided to check it out on IMDb. After reading the numerous negative comments, I was pretty skeptical and didn't really make an effort to get to the TV in time for it starting. What a mistake that was. My word, this was one funny film! Perhaps it's an acquired sense of humour, but in some parts I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt! It's certainly not a film that requires thought or is deep and meaningful in any way, but if you want a giggle, then Nine Months will definitely put a smile on your face. It did mine! The only downside is perhaps having such high profile stars in not very challenging roles. Aside from this, Nine Months is a light hearted comedy that really got me laughing.

Reviewed by ustinovquinnconnery 2 / 10 / 10

A puerile mixture of melodrama and farce

This film is as subtle a kicking a house brick with your toe, and deeply dishonest. The comedic characters and events are from the era of the Keystone Cops; completely over the top. This film is from the genre of farce verging on melodrama, complete with music to make sure we know what we are supposed to think. It should have been honest enough not to pretend to anything more complex. The life challenges faced by the characters are real enough but the plot is completely cliché and obvious. The central characters are simplistic and are black & white (she all good, he all bad). The dialog is from the day dreams of a fourteen year old. The fact that a film uses actor Hugh Grant does not make it sensitive, uplifting or funny. The fact that a film contains sex and slapstick does not make it a romantic comedy.

Reviewed by Randi-5 2 / 10 / 10

It Felt Like At Least Nine Months

This movie wasn't even entertaining enough to justify seeing it in the summer in order to enjoy two hours of air conditioning. It was immature and lowbrow, and relied way too much on slapstick (Tom Arnold and Hugh Grant fighting in a toy store; Julianne Moore's wheelchair plowing into a wall; etc.) Why can't there ever be a movie where someone who doesn't want children at the beginning STILL doesn't want them at the end? Why is "I don't want to be a parent" seen as a character flaw to be overcome, rather than a personal insight to be trusted? Lame, lame, lame.

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