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Reviewed by Brandon Nozaki Miller 1 / 10 / 10

Awful Acting

The idea the film attempted to portray could easily make a good film, and may well have been the basis for the 2014 film the Giver. Unfortunately, it was executed very poorly. The acting punctuated the overall lack of talent of direction. The production value of the film was OK, the camera quality was decent however there were several scenes where the audio sounded a bit like a high school project, when combined with the music it was nearly impossible to here the dialog, which may not have been a bad thing. All in all I think the Giver took the idea of this film and added all of the missing pieces to make a good film, that being said there is a clear budget difference. I am sad to say that this film is not watchable due to the acting and direction quality. I can not recommend it though the idea behind it was good.

Reviewed by seinund zeit 10 / 10 / 10

Dystopian Fiction for Collar Poppers

"New World OrdeRx" In the near future, a secret community in America is experimented on with repressive drugs by an authoritarian corporation. In defense of the dub I just watched, I think this film takes on a far more sinister vibe in German. The voice actors bring real life to the roles and the authoritarian parallels add a sense of dread surrealism I can only imagine is completely missing in the original English version. This film begins well and establishes a sense of dreamy despair in its first act through scenes portraying subverted iconic American imagery and a hopelessly medicated population. However it loses it's tonal focus in the middle, where interestingly enough the movie includes scenes of what may be the first extant examples of a new sub-genre of Speculative Fiction: The Bro-topia. In fact, the second act is populated with scenes of Bro-ing out at campfire parties, drinking from red solo cups, and even includes a cheerful deprogramming montage set to an original soundtrack in the style of a John Mayer or Dave Mathews album. All that is missing is a full on game of Beer-Pong. So, as you can imagine this is as real as it gets. Still after all it had going for it "New World Order X - Das Ende der Menschheit" really struggled to come together at the end where the film takes on the appearance of being shot in the producer's backyard and where the plot's coherence and the villain's motives just completely unravel. As a subdued entry into the genre that establishes its own quirky territory and because of it's strong opening, there is enough here to bemuse the curiosity of Dystopian film collectors but others may find this Rx hard to swallow. All said and done the director was savvy in creating a Futuristic Dystopia for College Bros, an under tapped market for Sci-Fi, its just that the completed film is nowhere near as fascinating as that sounds on paper.

Reviewed by gaspah 10 / 10 / 10

Confusing interpretation of a world of government mind control on drugs

What on earth did I just watch? I waited bewildered for some lucid thought to weave this into a coherent plot, but no you guys rode it out to the closing credits. A confusing take on an alternate universe dystopia where government mind control is fueled by big pharmaceutical companies in order to make a more productive workforce. Would ring true to real life if there were drugs powerful enough to not need to be supplemented with rampant consumerism. If you have ever wanted to see a online conspiracy video as a movie with a budget of $1000, then this film is definitely for you. A world where night flashes into daylight in the time it takes to walk a driveway, and where punches sound like they're from an smart-phone sound effects application. Well done, I literally could not tear my eyes away from the screen! Seriously. Sit all the way through and I guarantee that it will make just as much sense at the end as it did in the beginning.

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