Native Son



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David Alan Grier as Newsman
Nick Robinson as Philip
Sanaa Lathan as Maggie Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kelleyjohnson-04058 5 / 10 / 10

ok but...

While I thought the characters were developed well in the first part of the film, the ending was extremely rushed. I read and loved the book but I felt these characters didn't stay true to the underlying themes within the novel that made it so great. This film doesn't really show the true effects of fear on Bigger and key elements were changed that once again took away from how wonderful this film could have been. I was disappointed.

Reviewed by chaitanyamaheshwari 3 / 10 / 10

It's good and then it's not.

I don't usually write reviews, but since I did not find any sound review here, here it is. The movie builds up great, great character development, good acting, intriguing plot; and then the third act begins, and it's all downhill from there. All buildup and character development stare into abyss upon an obvious climax. The realism that was there in the first two acts dies in the third act, and questionable choices are made in the plot, which makes you doubt whether there are different writing teams for Native Son. P.S I haven't read the book. I think this will suffice.

Reviewed by thejoudblitz 3 / 10 / 10

I'd skip the book too.

This is not how you make a good movie and here is why. First off the protagonist is hard to get into, is he a punk or appreciative of the fine arts, is he a bicycle man or a driver, is he a hard ass or a lover? The story telling could not decide, there was evidence for everything. There is no way a broad audience can root for a scrawny, talent free nobody who's sense of humor is defined by holding a dead rat to his sister's face. The second big mistake, two thirds into the movie a main character dies. That's like eating a meal and half-way through someone takes away your side and says go ahead, eat up it's art now. At that point in the film it is safe to fast forward, skipping pathetic conversations the pot head fake-glasses-wearing hero has, with his bathroom sex jealous instead of happy for him girlfriend. And lastly, the probably biggest flaw of this "story". The plot was non-existent. Things happen, but none of them are intertwined. There is no structure, events just happen without connection, other than the time-line. Where are the scenes of importance you remember when interesting plot-twists happen? Where is the build-up? Character development? "Native Son" is not that kind of movie. "Native Son" is a bad movie. 3 stars for production value.

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