Mr. Deeds


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Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner
Rob Schneider as Tommy Hendricks
Steve Buscemi as Test Tube
Winona Ryder as Nicola Anders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bjerho 3 / 10 / 10

Not funny...

This movie is about a guy named LongFellow Deeds(Adam Sandler) who inherits 40 billion dollars from his late uncle. He goes to New York to collect the money and a news reporter(Winona Ryder) want's his story(in order to keep her job). From this point it gets very silly. Adam Sandler wasn't as funny as he usually is. The story (actually a remake) is very boring and most of the jokes are old. The only actor who made me laugh was John Turturro. He plays a spanish butler with a twisted passion for feet. If you liked him in "The Big Lebowski"(as Jesus Quintana) then maybe this is a movie for you. I give this movie a 3/10.

Reviewed by Miguel Neto 3 / 10 / 10

one of the worst Sandler

Mr. Deeds is one of the worst films of 2002 , the plot is quite interesting , although not unique, and the cast is good, Adam Sandler ( I think a good actor ) is well up the rest of the cast are average performances weak , I did not find this funny movie , has well ridiculous moments , the soundtrack is weak , the script is weak, the very superficial dialogues , the direction is right away , Adam Sandler 's character is the Deeds is very forced and dull , your romantic home can be even worse, unfortunately Adam Sandler rarely choose good movies , most are weak, and all are very similar , all his films have to have a romantic couple , Mr. Deeds is one of the worst movies I have ever seen , and also perhaps the worst film filmography of Sandler (which is not a bad actor). Note 1.1

Reviewed by Davis P 3 / 10 / 10

Unfunny and bland

Adam Sandler's downfall begins...... Mr. Deeds is one of those big misses on Sandler's career. His performance is dull and lifeless, and his character is so deadpan and boring that's it's really very hard to care much about him or really what happens with his character. Winona Ryder is alright as far as acting performance goes, but Adam and her have zero on screen chemistry, I mean seriously their relationship together is so unbelievable, awkward, and just doesn't work at all. Awkward actually describes many if not all scenes in mr deeds. The film is totally and utterly void of laughter, it's awkward, forced humor just doesn't do the job. Peter Gallagher is OK I guess, kinda a phoned in performance though. Well, I got zero laughs in this early 2000's Adam sandler flick. This movie gets a 3/10 on my scale, sorry Adam, but it just didn't work.

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