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Jennifer Lawrence as Raven / Mystique
Kristen Wiig as Surgeon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sherripadgitt-55536 1 / 10 / 10


Seriously wtf did I just watch? I get it, I get the comparison about the mother nature-god-adam-eve+ references, but that doesn't help the film out to realize this. This was just really brutal to watch. I almost didn't finish it, but I was already in sh**-deep so I had to go there. My advice...don't waste your time....seriously, you will most likely regret it.

Reviewed by shehapm 1 / 10 / 10

The Ending got me.

From the title I assumed it was about mother nature before watching the film, And during the movie I was making more assumptions, like Is the two brothers Cain and abel? Is the dot of blood represent murder and death? I didn't understand many things until the ending came, It was powerful and emotional, It recalled my old and lasting fear of an upcoming global nuclear war, The world is messed up but I still have hope that we could get going and fix things, Although I can't help this pervasive fear that such war will happen. What I didn't like: Is that the idea was more suitable for a short film rather than a cinema movie, We buy tickets to be entertained not to be educated or to watch symbolic figures, However I did enjoy it nothing bad in seeing such kind from a while to while. In addition to not be able to grasp every single peace in the picture, Like who is the poet? Some reviews said it's G*d, I had the same impression but I found it silly, Didn't know that the poem represent the bible, And the diamond represent the apple of Adam. I understand why people are annoyed with this movie but Humanity needs to be reminded again with what happens to their mother nature. The movie had a powerful message, and it got me.

Reviewed by tcbnorge 1 / 10 / 10

Movies are for entertainment. This is not entertainment on any level.

This movie is the most boring thing ever. I do get some of the symbolism. Meet Jennifer, she is mother earth. She is married to God. God is not happy and does not want to have sex, so he creates a man. God does not feel enough worship so he creates more people and suddenly you have a big cult. God finally is happy so he will have sex. He has a son that get killed in an bloody ritual. God think thats ok. All the people worshipping god damages mother earth to the point she destroys everything, And it all starts over again. The biggest problem her: The movie is not entertaining at all. If i want bible mythology i read the bible. If i want to now how we damage our planet i will educate my self in science. The movie does not make me feel anything. Just bored to death. Only plus side is good actors. One thing you can learn from this move. Both the world and hollywood would be better of if religion finally was gone from the earth.

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