Monster's Ball


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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April 25, 2019



Halle Berry as Nina
Heath Ledger as Tony
Yasiin Bey as Ryrus Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chas437 1 / 10 / 10

Poorly Written and Conceived Film

I finally got around to seeing this film, and what a disappointment. The love this film received from critics and the Academy is completely unwarranted, yet its understandable on some level. Seems like films that display any sort of racial progress and highlight actors of "color" get positive reviews regardless of they quality of filmmaking. There is no better example of this than "Monster's Ball". Halle Berry's performance was fine, but there are some issues with her being cast in a role like this. She's too thin and attractive, and frankly she looks too white to be believable in such a role. Are we really supposed to believe a woman that looks like her gave birth to an obese child? So, I was conflicted as to whether BBT's character finally saw the errors of his ways and now loves black folk, or whether Halle Berry was so hot, he couldn't resist her. These are just some of the many issues with this film. In short, its another example of political correctness trumping Art.

Reviewed by iamnotbatman-91542 8 / 10 / 10

No Coherent Story,Just Some Random events that leave you disgusted

The movie is basically a f**k you to all the black people out there. It basically portrays a racist white man as a noble hearted gentleman who saves a black women from the rotting life she is stuck in.I don't mind the love story but it doesn't have a basis for it to form in the world,it all just happens because the women is vulnerable and ready to fall into the racist man's arms. I truly wanted to vomit after watching this propagandist bullshit.

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 8 / 10 / 10

Simply a very good film, with some first rate performances; most notably Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

(Originally reviewed: 17/03/2017) A picture that is elevated by the strength of its lead performances, Thornton play's it quiet so Halle Berry can take centre stage and deliver an emotional powerhouse of a performance. Despite one or two problems like the build up to a character's death that has little to no reasoning behind it that expects us to believe that 'because his father did not like him', he got depressed and shot himself; which is something that I just found rather unbelievable and another sequence where a child dies, and the hospital staff have a lack of respect during the situation; in which looked like one woman was smirking when Berry started crying; but other than these scenes; the picture does work, having plenty of assertive dialogue, looking adequate; cinematography and location wise and a last half an hour that is truly impressive. Halle Berry (Leticia) the widower of the executed killer give's perhaps her best performance to date, as an emotionally out of control woman, that's losing her house, has lost her husband and is poised to pull extra shift's at work to be able to cope with her son; and I really wanted her character to end up happy in the end, because here was a woman with a lot of personality and likability. The prison guard Hank is played by Billy Bob Thornton and despite being racist in the beginning, and mean, you see him develop into a calmer, more helpful kind of person that is giving lift's to Berry and helping out coloured neighbours, it was a revelation to see him change his ways, and a pleasure to see the story unfold. Among the supporting cast are Heath ledger, who is very good as his son (Sonny), and Peter Boyle as Hank's nasty, racist father who is barely even able to walk to the kitchen and also mean spirited right down to his core but played well by Boyle. The picture has some melodramatics, but there carefully done, and personally I found the story compelling and very interesting, there's some scenes that are rather better than other's but the screenplay from Milo Addica and Will Rokos is a triumph with an unconventional conclusion that see's two character's sitting down looking to the future, despite Berry's character knowing full well Thornton's secret, and seeing what she will do after finding out was always going to be predictable but somehow it wasn't, it was something surprising. Just like the racist tone of the film, it's not heavy, it's more minor with bursts of racism, and I for one found this serious, skilfully crafted story well worth my time; Forster's direction is impressive, there's a nice, realistic sex scene between Berry and Thornton and the performances are something special. All in all this is a very good drama that's never boring, paced adequately and has a more than satisfying conclusion.

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