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Brad Pitt as Rory Devaney
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Philip Seymour Hoffman as Joseph Turner White
Robin Wright as Gwen Tyler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccman2 8 / 10 / 10

A very true story

If you like business or baseball, you're going to love this one. I am a baseball geek myself and all of this was a true story and not even overstated the least bit. It's the story of how the Oakland A's with the smallest player payroll budget during the 2002 season made it to the post season with the help of a computer and a nerdy guy with a degree in economics. Ever heard of the 20 game win streak? Ever heard of the names such as Jermaine Dye, Scott Hatteberg, David Justice, Eric Byrnes, or Tim Hudson? No? Well you need to watch this movie!

Reviewed by ashishmanocha01 7 / 10 / 10

An inspiration

watched this movie for the 2nd time.. didn't like it the first time.. came in with a different set of expectations.. don't expect a baseball field show or plot twists.. the movie is based on a true story and focuses on Billy Beane's (played by Brad Pitt) struggle.. a financially weak baseball team's general manager on his way to success by following what he believed in.. even if it was totally unconventional.. and for baseball fans, great to go with.

Reviewed by Floated2 7 / 10 / 10

Inspirational true life sports drama

For non sports fans or fans of true live films, Money has been seen and well praised in its own rights as a true based film. The acting performances from Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are what stands out in the film, as well as the nature of the aspect that the film is based upon true events. Hvaing little to no knowledge of the true story, the film depicts what Hollywood believed as to what happened, within the baseball team and season of 2002. Moneyball is well written, directed and has enough suspense and drama that keeps it entertaining. For non baseball fans or sports fans, might consider the film as boring but it is a rather slower paced drama that builds as the film goes.

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