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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theethinethou 8 / 10 / 10

Entertaining- kids with heart

Say what you will, even if Hill was trying to live life through the movie, so what? He did a great job. One reviewer mentioned a ten yr old boy and a 16 yr old girl would never hook up. What? All sorts of "interesting" things go on during this age, especially in the lives of, no offense man, hood skater rats. Don't take the movie too seriously, chill out and let it entertain you. There's too many people in these reviews trying to be professional movie reviewers, damn. It was a fun trip. After I rented it I turned around and bought it. Hill gave these kids big hearts, something that seems to be missing in teens in today's society. Lay off the serious, man. Chillax lol Mr Hill, More please

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 9 / 10 / 10

Jonah Hill presenting life in 90 minutes.

As Jonah Hill debut ... bravo ,, he aced it both ways,, directing and writing ,, the movie has solid plot ,, as i was a 10 years old kid, Back in the mid 90's, even though i wouldn't say i relate to the events per say "smoking and drinking and all" but I have just felt it through the lingo, trying to fit in , find your group of friends and the music, Oh my!! the music was and emotional captivation. .. anyway , the script was really good ,, so balanced ,, when it gets somewhat slow, just for a second it picks up real fast.. The cast was amazing ,, don't know how these kids are or how they found them but they did one perfect job,, first time seeing Sunny Suljic ,, wow ,, his face and acting skills we really good,, as for Lucas Hedges "the brother" i mean i knew him ,, i think he was nominated for an Oscar some years back ,, he was good too.. the other kids , F#ck-sh!t, Fourth Grade, Ray they were a perfect fit for the roles. and Na-kel Smith first movie ,, and his emotional scene was wow. Final say,, I don't think the movie is specifically about skateboarding as much as it's about friendship/ family/ trying to fit in and about life, Just life, so Recommended.

Reviewed by trevord-68114 9 / 10 / 10

Must see!

I was a little nervous when I read that Jonah Hill was writing and directing a skateboarder drama. Being a skateboarder myself all my life, I really focused on how this movie was. Was it gonna be a wacky comedy or something serious? I walked out of the movie theatre with a massive smile on my face! This movie had the perfect tone to it. You really do feel for the characters and you really feel for Stevie. Growing up a skater, I really related to Stevie in the movie. while it focuses on a little kid becoming a skateboarder, it also deals with a lot of real life problems. Future, health, how hard some people's lives are. And this movie portrayed that beautifully! Hat tipped to Jonah hill! This is a must see not just for skateboarders for for everybody!

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