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Ben Stiller as Mel Coplin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike_Noga 8 / 10 / 10

Megamind is the Charlie Brown of super villains.

I am so glad that animated movies are coming back into their own. In the past few years we've seen some really good ones like Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon and now we have Megamind. The animation is great but what gets this film 4 stars is the fact that while the animation adds to the movie, it is only one aspect of the film's appeal. The dialog and characterization are strong too. It is, of course, the thinly disguised story of Superman, but told from his arch enemie's(Lex Luthor) point of view. It's also a look at what happens when society fails a child who just doesn't fit neatly into a pigeon hole. Because Megamind is different than his peers(because of his looks and intelligence) he relates to them a bit awkwardly which in turn makes him feel even more different and alienated. At some point he reasons that if he is treated like a bad kid, that he might as well be a bad kid, and " MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy! " was born. Megamind is also pretty even handed. When characters in this movie are bad,or cowardly, or act in ways that are beneath them, it's for an understandable human reason. I think the movie makes the argument that if people could reach a more mutual understanding of each other, then we might be able to start to eliminate much(but not all) of the evil and misery in this world. It has real heart That's just the underlying philosophy though. It's nowhere nearly as preachy as I might be making it sound. The movie is peppered with cool references to various Superman incarnations and plenty of humor.The animation is fantastic, especially Megamind's "Death Blimp". I saw it for the first time with a huge audience which consisted of both older animation fans and young families and everyone had a great time. I looked around occassioanlly and saw people of every description laughing through out the movie. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Megamind. It's a guaranteed good time for anyone with a heart beat.(Honestly, even the undead would probably crack a smile here and there.)

Reviewed by grantss 8 / 10 / 10

Very good, and surprisingly so

Megamind, a super-intelligent alien villain, at long last destroys his nemesis, the super-hero Metro Man. Instead of being satisfied, he feels empty, so creates a new super-hero. Unfortunately the super-hero turns out to be a super-villain, and Megamind has to assume the role of super-hero in order to stop him. Very good, and surprisingly so. I thought this was going to be another comic-book-hero/animated kids movie. Kids will certainly enjoy it, but so will adults. Good plot, snappy dialogue, very funny, unrelenting pace. Action sequences are a prop, not the main idea, which is always good, and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Heaps of fun. Great casting and performances - voices are spot-on.

Reviewed by tjblackwell-12115 8 / 10 / 10

This Film Deserves More Attention!

Okay, I'm not going to act like this is the best Dreamworks movie ever made. I believe that title goes to one of the How To Train Your Dragon films. But no one really seems to remember this movie, and that's a shame. On the surface, Megamind looks like a spoof of the "superhero genre." But when you actually watch the film, it actually has some pretty well done character development and asks some interesting questions. It is also full of twists and turns (which I won't spoil here). The best part of this movie, by far, is Will Ferrell's performance as Megamind. Not only is he (and the animation department) able to produce some really funny moments, but when things get serious, Ferrell actually pulls of those more dramatic scenes as well. The rest of the cast are great as well, particularly David Cross and Brad Pitt. The movie also has a very cinematic feel to it, almost like it was meant to be a live action film at first, but they then decided to animate it. This especially shows during the action scenes. All in all, I think this is a very solid film that deserves more recognition. In time, who knows? Fingers crossed that we'll get a sequel!

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