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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Liname 10 / 10 / 10

Deep and meaningful lessons about love and life

I have seen the movie in the Sunshine Cinema in Melbourne. I knew about the movie through having been to Malta in 2017 and having seen Love to Paradise in the cinema. I was very inspired to know more about a director who have chosen Malta (one of my favorite countries) as the main scenery and presented it for what it was. This needs to be said as most movies, sell it as something else or do not even attribute a country to it such as By the Sea or Game of Thrones. Malta is showcased just as it is in real life, magnificent and breathtaking. And moreover, there are so many things to take away, so many life lessons that many of my friend can relate to in one or the other way. Reading weak reviews disappoints me, because deep thinking seems not to be for everyone and I just see how people totally miss the point of this special movie. Anyone, who is interested in new perspectives in life and likes the deepness of thoughts will enjoy this movie, I believe.

Reviewed by nigeladie 3 / 10 / 10

Enjoy 'Love To Paradise'? You'll love this...

A fantastic film and a great follow up to Love To Paradise. If you love good films, great stories and the amazing scenery of Malta then this is for you! Just like a relationship, give this film your time and attention, be patient, don't expect instant gratification and you will be rewarded.

Reviewed by druid23 3 / 10 / 10

2 hours of beautifull views and bad acting

Just that, i dont like the acting, its my first review, because i never feel like i have nothing to say about movies, but this one i think is a waste of time

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