Love Streams



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April 13, 2019


Diahnne Abbott as Susan
Gena Rowlands as Mary Pino
John Cassavetes as Robert Harmon
Leslie Hope as Joanie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10 / 10

Life and love as seen as we try to deny how it is.

Two seemingly separate stories intertwine together in the saga of brother and sister who are living on the last strands of reality. Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes, a real life married couple, are parts of their own states of confusion, pretending to be things that they are not. Rowlands, in the process of a miserable separation from a miserable marriage, ends up at the home of her writer brother (Cassavettes), turning his life further upside down while continuing to head on her own downswing. He's a miserably unhappy Playboy and she's so determined to be happy that everyone around her ends up miserable as a result. In short, their lives, separated by different problems, shouldn't align at this point in their lives. Such amazing performances are given in a film that is at alternate points deeply depressing, often confusing, infrequently funny and often maddening. Rowlands briefly gets to meet Cassavette's son from a brief marriage and doesn't even use the phrase "aunt". In Cassavettes films, it is often impossible to tell what is reality and what is in the character's kinds. These are two extremely damaged people who are often living life in a world turned upside down, and their realities are not of any sensible existence. Some of the oddities here include Cassavettes' involvement with scores of obvious call girls and presence at a party where he encounters several female impersonators who question his sexuality, Rowland's bowling trip and purchase of some exotic pets, and most bizarrely, her dream of her ex-husband and daughter in a ballet setting. In spite of this parallel universe where their minds reside, I found that I could not take my eyes of it although I did find that I needed a break from it 3/4 through to regain my own sense of reality.

Reviewed by treywillwest 2 / 10 / 10


Cassavetes's oeuvre has consistently been misinterpreted at "realist." In fact, his films are generally expressionistic- self-conscious presentations of his mind-set-as-such. Having said that his earlier films, which I must say sometimes upset me with what I found to be their misogynistic machismo, often struck me as trying to use artistic expression to make subjective masculinity seem like an objectivity- a fact to be taken into consideration. Jackson Pollock did this too, of course. The difference is that Pollock, in his work if not life, never presented the female as lesser in relation to male subjectivity. Cassavetes, sadly, did so often, but not, I will venture, in this work. In Love Streams the filmmaker's fantasies are his alone- he asks for no ratification from the audience. Yes: a character played by him is an awful date to a woman who then falls for the character. But I think we are not meant to identify with either the male or the female in this scenario so much as with ourselves as viewers. Cassavetes is putting his id on display here and asks simply for recognition of his subjectivity as such. Indeed, if there is a figure of identification for the viewer it is the character played by Gena Rowlands, the sister of the Cassavetes figure. Befuddled and disgusted by a world that does not acknowledge her romantic demands she is that which her brother, the artistic articulation of suffering and resolution, can only satisfy. He does so by taking the mantle of an Old Testament martyr, but one capable of laughing and crying at and for himself.

Reviewed by lantern4444 2 / 10 / 10

Extremely boring drama

This movie is not a comedy as listed, it is pure drama. It is also an extremely bad drama not worth the effort of watching. While the movie touches on subjects such as mental illness, divorce and child custody it only does so in a very superficial way. There is no point to this movie as absolutely nothing happens except the mundane and the ordinary. There is no suspense, shock, plot twists or clever invention and is in no way thought provoking. The movie just meanders along boring the audience to death. Don't be fooled by the high rating there is nothing good about this movie. The story line is incredibly basic and the ideas are simple. You would find more drama and intrigue at your workplace than in this movie. At times the acting is so wooden you would think you were watching a low budget B Grade movie. So forget this movie and find something else to watch.

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