Losin' It


Comedy / Drama

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Jackie Earle Haley as Kelly Leak
John Stockwell as Randy McDevitt
Shelley Long as Anne
Tom Cruise as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmzkeenan 4 / 10 / 10

Nondescript teen sex comedy from the eighties

I saw this movie in an entirely appropriate place -- as part of an all-night quadruple feature at a cinema in Northern Ontario, which could have been more accurately described as "Four lousy films for the price of one"! (For the record, the other three films were "Ghoulies", "Missing in Action" and "Ninja III - The Domination"). I would say that Losin' It is probably the best of these four films – not that that's really saying very much. (It was the concluding feature of a very long night of cinematic mediocrity) . It's not an awful film (particularly compared with some of the other components of this multiple feature), and it has the advantage of having been put together by a crew who knew what they were doing. Rather, it's an assembly line teen film of the period, which is given somewhat more polish than usual by the presence of Shelley Long and the up-and-coming Tom Cruise in the cast. Two years previously in 1981, Porky's established a profitable template for teen films that many producers are still exploiting today. I see Losin' It as a Porky's knock-off, from a similar time and aimed at a similar audience. Essentially, if you were part of that target audience, you would probably have enjoyed it. I was just passing out of the target demographic when I saw this, so perhaps I'm more blasé about it than I might have been if I had seen it a few years earlier. There's a whole genre of teen sex comedy (which tries to tease the audience while dancing around the fact that they can't really show very much) that loses a lot of its impact once you've actually "lost it" yourself.

Reviewed by csweetleaf2 2 / 10 / 10

Highly underrated

I loved this movie cause it's so funny and it has the then unknown Tom Cruise and Shelley Long in this movie before they went onto fame later on the 80's, but the best performance goes to Jackie Earle Haley as Dave, who is a sex obsessed pal who is a Frank Sinatra wannabe, and I also liked John Stockwell's character Spyder who came from a broken home, Tom Cruise is the intellegent honor student. This movie is about 3 high school seniors who want to go to Tijuana in search of sex (without their parents knowing it) and things don't work out the way they want it as Dave's little brother Wendell 'Wimp' (John Navin) goes along for the ride and later they shoplift a grocery store and the owner's wife goes with them cause she claims that she's gonna divorce him and she finds out that they stoled some items at the grocery store but she didn't care, the situations that the boys got themselves in Tijuana are hilarious and they later meet crooked cops, insane marine sailors and junkyard ruffians, will they get out of Tijuana alive, will the three boys lose their virginity, in order to find out, watch this movie and it's way better than the movies of today, I think that Losin' It deserves more recognition than what it gets cause it's a funny movie and if you can find this movie at your local video store, rent it and have a good laugh, it's a great way to spend a weekend evening.

Reviewed by writestuff_2001 2 / 10 / 10

Never had it

Don't let the cast and director fool you. This is a teen sex comedy that's just as bad as any of the dozens (hundreds?) that Hollywood churned out back in the 1980s. Bad enough that this turkey wastes the talents of future stars Tom Cruise and Shelley Long. What's worse is that this was directed by Curtis Hanson (you know, of "L.A. Confidential" and "Wonder Boys" fame -- THAT Curtis Hanson.) I realize he was just an up-and-coming director at the time, but surely he must have taken one look at the script and realized it didn't have a chance. (Maybe he was gambling this film would be another "Porky's" and skyrocket him to fame. He gambled wrong.) Even if you're a die-hard Cruise fan, you're advised to stay away. Cruise, at this time, had yet to hone the persona upon which he would build his career. In other words, he isn't his usually funny, cocky self this time around, but instead comes across as bland, dull, and surprisingly lifeless. Shelley Long, on the other hand, is quite good in her thankless role as a runaway bride headed to Tijuana for a quickie divorce. Too bad the script doesn't give her anything funny to do. Also, since this is a teen sex comedy, I should mention that there's almost no raunch and nudity at all. Basically, this film is ninety minutes of three teen-aged jerks raising havoc in T.J., getting into lots of dumb bar fights and a few car chases with the usual Hollywood Mexican stereotypes. Bottom line: compared to this film, "Top Gun" (which also starred Cruise and John Stockwell) is deserving of ten Academy awards.)

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