London Has Fallen


Action / Thriller

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April 8, 2019



Gerard Butler as Mike Banning
Jackie Earle Haley as Kelly Leak
Morgan Freeman as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duronmauricio 7 / 10 / 10

An improvement

Begging to differ with 'Olympus Has Fallen' (2013) being a better choice than 'London Has Fallen' (2016). 'OHF' actually made no lasting impression ('White House Down', also 2013, was more entertaining), to the extent that I failed to acknowledge the connection; had I remembered, I might not have bothered to see 'LHF.' The considerable lack of verisimilitude in the heroics of either one is a given. But while production values in the earlier one indeed were considerably better, narrative, the motivation of the terrorists and the havoc involved in 'London as Fallen' are much - much - less unreasonable. Peace.

Reviewed by mbk-73940 3 / 10 / 10

IQ has fallen

Sometimes what looks like a half-decent movie judging from actors, press material and so on, turns out to be just SHOCKINGLY bad. Add this to the list. What utterly provokes me to write this review is not so much the completely bland and predictable storytelling that looks like it could have been done by a 12-year-old. Neither is it the characters being as flat as pancakes, with every attempt to humanize them ending up being ridiculous (for instance some failed bro-mancy moments between the president and his guardian). It is not even the obvious stealing from other movies (there is for instance a line straight out of "The Matrix"), the bad CGI, or the bad acting (then again, what could they do with this s*** script?) - no, it is the blatant propaganda and racism at the core of the movie's mindset that both saddens and infuriates me. Had the main characters been North-Koreans fighting against the US, everybody would just laugh their asses off, because of how one-sided and stereotypical it is: Arabs are evil, Americans are civilized, end of story. Lena Riefenstahl would have been proud. Come on, is this view on the world productive in any way?

Reviewed by OnlyNick 3 / 10 / 10

Laughably Predictable

The British Prime Minister has died and leaders from around the world have come to London to pay their respects. So too have terrorists. TWO things you'll LIKE about "London Has Fallen": The action is fun and loud. There's lots of bullets and explosions and stuff. Turn up your surround sound and watch the windows vibrate. 2) Not once do you hear the omnipresent magical words usually said by terrorists before they kill the good guys. TWO things you'll DISLIKE: 1) The CGI. It's not very good. Nowadays CGI explosions look good and realistic, and it's an inexpensive (and safer) alternative to the real thing. The CHI here looks like cheap CGI. I've seen better in homemade YouTube videos. 2) The script. This movie and its lead actor are better when there's no dialogue.

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