London Boulevard


Crime / Drama

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Anna Friel as Maggie
Colin Farrell as Tattooed Boy
Jamie Campbell Bower as Jean-Baptiste
Keira Knightley as Katharine Gun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lewiskendell 7 / 10 / 10

Good movie, better cast.

"That's why nobody wants me to be a gangster. Because I could not stop if I started." I mainly wanted to see London Boulevard because of the pairing of Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell, and that part of the movie certainly didn't disappoint me. This is definitely Farrel's film, and he carries it well. Knightley is much more a side character, despite her prominent place in the posters and advertisements. And while she's good in her part, Farrell is what makes this interesting. The guy is absolutely ferocious in this movie, and any fans of his will be pleased.  The story of a man, fresh off of time in the prison, struggling not to be drawn into the violent criminal world that everyone around him seems to think he belongs in, is an average one. It feels a bit haphazard at times, which seems due to the way the plot continued to change as the film was being made. It progresses in leaps and fits and starts, without ever really establishing a steady flow. The scenes with Knightley and Farrell together seem from a completely different flick than the scenes with Farrell in his violent criminal element, due to the drastic differences in tone between the two. That's not a flaw in itself, but it highlights how piecemeal the whole film can feel at times.  What makes London Boulevard a memorable movie despite its issues is the characters. Beyond Farrell and Knightley's hounded actress, Anna Friel, David Thewlis, and Ray Winstone each help carry the story along with interesting roles that they play just perfectly.  I recommend London Boulevard if you're a fan of anyone involved, but don't expect a traditional English gangster flick. Or a perfect one. 

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 1 / 10 / 10

A lot of talent poured down the drain

Pains me to say this, but London Boulevard is a whole lot of nothing. Like, a disgraceful amount of nothing when you step back and look at the talent involved. I read a review on IMDb saying that "every element of this film is so right, but how did it end up so wrong?".. Sad to say, I couldn't agree more. This is one unfocused, meandering, royal catastrophe. Where does the blame lay? Who can say, really.. I don't want to lay it on the director, even though his only other feature, Mojave, was pretty dismal, but he'll find his groove. The cast is capable and willing, none of them totally phoning it in. No, I feel like it's the script, a botch job of a story consisting of scenes mired in a never-ending doldrum where nothing ever really goes anywhere and the characters get caught up in the purgatorial nonsense of it all. Colin Farrell is a tough guy who is hired to act as pseudo-bodyguard to a reclusive, neurotic film star (Keira Knightley), after which all sorts of freak occurrences and oddball Brit-bag characters get in the way. He's got a wayward sister to protect (Anna Adriel), a volatile partner in petty crime (Ben Chaplin) a nosy DI on his trail (Eddie Marsan) and all these chess pieces converge upon the arrival of London's most fearsome crime boss (Ray Winstone), who has a bag of bones to pick with Farrell for a number of different and equally muddled reasons. Winstone tries to pull him back into the game with vague homoerotic intimidation, Knightley wistfully wallows in depression with her druggie friend (David Thewlis, looking like he forgot to read the script) and hides from paparazzos, the story clumps along missing every beat and wasting a decent score as well as some stylish flourishes on events that no one seems to care about, least of all the audience. Perhaps that's why Farrell scowls his way through the whole thing, and not in a smouldering, potent way either, more like a confused, begrudging participant in a pointless exercise. They really should have gotten their act together a little more with a cast and budget like this, found a better script and given us something worth seeing. Instead we're given the cinematic equivalent of a pocket of lint, promising on the outside before we look in, ripe with potential but filled with nothing remotely worthwhile once we look inside. Shame.

Reviewed by dierregi 1 / 10 / 10

Random things happening to random unpleasant people

Take any Tarantino/Ritchie gangsters movie, Carlito's way, Sexy Beast, some fragrance ads, shake well and the result is London Boulevard. Farrell is Mitchel, a gangster released from prison who wants to stay "clean" - major cliché - He has a slutty sister (Friel as Briony, the most annoying character in the movie) and a sleazy business associate (Chaplin as Billy, with greasy long hair and speaking with a thick accent). Very randomly Mitchel gets a job as bodyguard for Charlotte, a millionaire movie star, hunted by paparazzi. At this stage it starts to look like two movies randomly stuck together and unfortunately, random is the key word of this plot development. Knightley - as megastar Charlotte - is terrible. Her delivery is stiff and flat and we get the full Knightley package of quivering lips, beady eyes, thick bangs and fashionable rags that barely cover her emaciated frame Knightley's face plastered around London reminded me she is a perfume-salesperson (I mean "testimonial"). When she was on screen, I expected to see the fragrance she advertises among other product placements. At some stage the random plot introduces Winstone, allegedly a big crime lord, sporting elegant clothes, glasses and a beard to fool us into believing he is not Winstone. I could hardly hear a word he said because - I guess - his voice coach suggested that whispering makes a criminal seem more dangerous. None of the characters is sympathetic: Mitchel is as violent as his associates, Charlotte's problem is that she is too rich and famous, Winstone is a brutal thug, Briony is a silly slut, Billy a coward, etc… Sub-plots and characters (the beggar, the policeman, Charlotte's live-in friend, the doctor…) appear and disappear randomly and way too late the movie reaches its plagiarist ending. PS the soundtrack is good though, very Swinging London

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