Living Proof


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kprigotzke 10 / 10 / 10

A Story of Hope and much much more

He takes you on a journey from what the MS Society of Canada, pharmaceutical companies and the main food industries in World would want you to follow, which leaves MS pateints in a worse off spot. Then through alternative therapies like CSSVI treatment and stem cell but you really don't see significant change in regards but are still closer to the right path. Then he dives into the world of life style changes like diet, supplements and exercise and how they have helped multiple MS pateints and with impress results. The life style change is built completely on facts that have been gathered through tons of research started off by his father Dr. Ashton Embry. He also sheds light on how the MS Society of Canada has lost their focus. Although in the face adversity and a giant powerful, wealthy society like the MS Society of Canada he never once bad mouths them and I have not seen him in any other posts of his do so. Matt Embry is an inspiration to myself and many others. He's a role model of mine but on top of this he has fantastic talents like his film making, producing & directing. The film is pieced together so elegantly as he takes us through the delicate situation of MS Patients and their journey, as well as his own. I highly recommend this film for anyone that wants to feel something. Find out about the truth as this isn't just the MS Society of Canada that it applies to. Many other societies have also lost their way and their focus. Anyone that loves Documentaries or good quality film making should also see this. Great job Matt Embry and crew, fantastic job!

Reviewed by carolm-18203 1 / 10 / 10

It's so well done!

I watch documentaries all the time, this is one of my top favorites if not the favorite. I don't have ms nor do I have anyone close to me that does, yet I'm drawn into the struggle of the people in this documentary. It's fascinating!

Reviewed by arniedadrink-15985 1 / 10 / 10

No proof, just more pseudo science

While I agree big pharma are corrupt and big charities are just there to make money, I highly doubt the integrity of this information compared to those by real scientist working on the problem. Remember to always investigate claims like this yourself as you will soon see things like CCSVI are nonsense. Regarding diets, yes eat well and it can help you cope with many different disabilities but don't expect a miracle cure because it ain't gonna happen, go to a support group or accept it and learn what works for you together with a professional Neuro.

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