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Bill Oberst Jr. as Dr. Harold Rittmeyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10 / 10

Could Have Been a Good Movie

"Lifechanger" could have been a good movie...but it is not. The theme of shape-shifter successfully used in the gem "The Hidden" (1987), or "Fallen" (1998), is poorly used in "Lifechanger". The screenplay is lame and never works, with an awful and unpleasant narrative in off and none character development that are presented in one-dimension. The unknown cast is acceptable for a low-budget film and they do their best with the terrible script. The locations are also selected in accordance with the budget supported by poor cinematography. The attempt to make an ambiguous conclusion in the gross style of David Cronemberg does not work. Better off watch "The Hidden" again, one of the best cult-movies of this genre. My vote is five. Title (Brazil): 'Lifechanger"

Reviewed by xrod-76767 3 / 10 / 10

Great Concept, Poor Script

I'm going to start with the positive: GREAT production values, WELL shot, WELL, lit, FANTASTIC special effect, acting performances were (meh...) hit and miss, but forgivable in most cases... BUT THE SCRIPT -- Oh geez...not that great. As a matter of fact...kinda cringe-worthy. And the screenplay is the backbone of any film. If you don't have a solid script...DON'T MAKE THE MOVIE...(just yet, at least.) The script felt uni-dimensional, not much substance other than the primary storyline following the shapeshifting body-jumper. Mostly dull during the entirety of Act 2. The movie would have been more interesting if there was a secondary plot line (maybe somebody following the shapeshifter who notices something strange going on?) This is what I get paid to do, so take it as free advice. Even at the After Dark Film Festival premiere during the Q & A--I don't know if anybody else caught this--but the director ADMITS the screenplay was about a draft away from being! ARE YOU SERIOUS MAN?! Even if you think that (which I concur, you are correct...maybe even understating it a bit,) you DO NOT ever...under ANY circumstance ADMIT that to a sold-out theatre packed with people who paid to see your latest feature! This is Canadian Film...unfortunately. Seems like so much potential is squandered because egos get in the way of good storytelling. (And that's not just an "opinion", that's empirical truth, otherwise there wouldn't be an acting/directing/producing talent brain drain heading to L.A. to make their dreams come true.) We cannot compete with Hollywood because it's like junior hockey competing with Pro NHLers. Story is everything. DO NOT compromise. Sorry Justin...I REALLY wanted to like your film but it sucks.

Reviewed by barbaragolia 3 / 10 / 10

Hyped up Pseudo Horror

With all the build up you would expect a whole lot more, but what you get is a whole lot less in this overly hyped less interesting thinking man or woman's version of Jeepers Creepers or a more accessible version of Under The Skin. Wake me up when it's over.

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