Life of Brian



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Eric Idle as Male Love Bird
Graham Chapman as Brother / Policeman / Defence attorney / British pedestrian / Mr. Harrison
John Cleese as Llama lecturer / Second Yorkshireman / Armless Officer / Pope Julius II / Vocational Guidance Counsellor / Officer Praline / Himself / Pepperpot / Second Penguin on Telly Pepperpot / Albatross Seller / Miss Anne Elk / Mr. Barnard / Eric Praline
Terry Gilliam as Spanish Dancer / Piano player / Pope's Servant / Mountie / Second Bruce / Constable Parrot / Himself / Pepperpot / Professor D.P. Gumby / Sir Norman Barry Castle / Cardinal Fang / I've got two legs singer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richardjp-17225 10 / 10 / 10

Sheer brilliance from the Python team

This is the best Monty Python movie ever made, with heaps of classic laughs. A different type of humour, but Monty Python's own. They all play multi roles and it's hilarious to see who they turn up as next. One of the greatest comedies ever made. The only slack bit, as one review correctly says, is the extra terrestrial scene. Contrary to what the Christians claim, it never made fun of Jesus. However, I can see it did point out that humans are a very gullible lot. Perhaps that's what really irritated those Christians?

Reviewed by Tony 10 / 10 / 10

A great classic comedy

This is Monty Python at their silliest irreverent best. Some tried and failed to ban this film on release, thank God we're not ruled by Taliban or Shia laws. The stand out moments are the stoning and what have they ever done for us.Add in the man who wants to be a woman and have children, can the liberation front call it oppression if he actually can't. The Judean liberation fighters are excellent satire on political parties divided and ruled by committees. There's so much more all the way through the film, this is a truly must see comedy.

Reviewed by Robert McElwaine 10 / 10 / 10

Who ever thought a flippant humorous remark would lead to a satirical comedy classic?

It's funny and dare I say serendipitous that the impetus behind Life of Brian stemmed from a throwaway remark made by Eric Idle. After the success of the Python's last movie which at the time was Monty Python and the Holy Grail, he had been asked what their next feature would be with which he flippantly responded with Jesus Christ - Lust for Glory. Who would have thought that such an offhand quip would eventually lead to their most celebrated and critically praised works being brought to the cinema theaters. At least those which were brave enough to screen it given the immediate controversy that was to follow. Shrewdly however they chose not to actually focus on lampooning Jesus himself, as they felt there was nothing funny about his life and subsequent death. Any attempts at humour at his expense would have seemed shallow and taking mere potshots. However they set their sights on organized religion which the team had a combined mistrust of. There may not have been anything satirical about the Messiah but his followers, that was another matter. It's no exaggeration that the film is nothing short of a work of genius with it's astute observations of the possible fanaticism, herd mentality and it's abuse for political advantage is adeptly shrouded with their trademark off the wall humour. Satire has arguably never been so much fun. Forgoing having Jesus himself as the film's lead protagonist and replacing himself with an everyday young Jewish man, who due to a series of absurd events finds himself mistaken for being the true "Messiah". In a superb post-opening credits sequence we even see Brian's shrill battleaxe of a mother having already given birth to her son, being mistakenly visited by the Three Wise Men as the stable they're inhabiting is right next to the one Jesus was born in. It's a sublime comedic twist on the Christian tale that implies that Brian is always fated to be mistaken for the genuine article. What follows is a what could be referred to as a series of set pieces that could even be described as individual sketches wrapped around it's simple but engaging narrative. It's arguably why; The Meaning of Life which came four years later was less of a success critically and commercially as it opted for the similar sketch format of the Monty Python TV series, making it less accessible to the general public. Only dedicated fans would have likely appreciated the more traditional format. But narrative and it's surreal comedy aside, what marks it out in it's brilliance is how universal it's themes still are to this very day. Taking sharp digs at revolutionary groups and British left wing politics the movies PFJ (People's Front of Judea) closely resembling trade unions and the ironic and ridiculous rivalry that has existed between rebel factions. It could possibly also be seen as a veiled lampooning of sectarian bigotry and narcissism which not only exists in Christianity but Islam as well. None more so is this typified in a inspired moment where a select number of the PFJ set out to kidnap Pontious Pilates wife, only to cross paths with rivals from the Campaign for a Free Galilee which results in them foolishly fighting among themselves. On a more personal level in terms of our antipathetic hero there is an air of poignancy to his predicament that adds a layer of melancholy, as despite some genuine idealism on his part (compacted by the shock revelation on discovering his father was Roman) is that what primarily leads him to join in on the rebellion is his love for Judith, a young member of the PFJ who's enthusiasm and passion outweighs even Brian's. The sympathy we feel for him and his desire for him are equally palpable as we know that when all is said and done, is that what he'd want is just a quiet life with her. To top off what makes the film such a unforgettable classic is the reliably brilliant and versatile multiple performances of it's main actors. Replicating what made part of the format of Holy Grail uniquely inspired, they each play to their own individual strengths as they portray a host of eccentric characters, many of whom lead to Brian being habitually exasperated. The supporting cast which includes obscure Welsh actress Sue-Jones Davies as Judith, and features brief appearances by Python regular Carol Cleaveland and veteran TV actress Gwen Taylor are also uniformly excellent. And look out for a blink and you'll miss it cameo from British comedy legend Spike Milligan as an elderly prophet. To summarize Life of Brian, it's not only admirable for it's creative cleverness and insightful wisdom but given it's modest budget of $4 million (the backing of which came from former Beetle, George Harrison who went on to establish his own production company; Handmade Films) it's a testament to what can be achieved on minimal funding. The fact that it has been awarded the status of being the "greatest comedy of all time" by The BFI, (British Film Institute) and declared it to be the 28th best British film of all time which really is quite something. It's influence is unmistakable and it's overall message timeless and will never be forgotten.

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