Life in the Doghouse



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by oana919 10 / 10 / 10

If you love animals - you must see this beautiful and eye-opening documentary

What a truly inspiring story of two outstanding individuals who saw dogs in dire need and instead of shying away from such a monumental task, rose to the challenge and dedicated their lives to saving so many of them. Ron and Danny, you are this world's real heroes! It pains me that to this date so many people in the US are not aware that millions of dogs are put to sleep every year. Please consider adopting a dog instead of buying one. If you want to get a dog it means you love animals. And if you love animals - please adopt and save a life, and spread the word to everybody you know: spay, neuter, adopt!

Reviewed by rraallpphh 10 / 10 / 10

Wow really good movie, opened my eyes

It's always good to see such a great documentary. It really brings it home and then at the same time teaches you something. It was well edited and the story really just flowed well... I have to admit there were some moments were my eyes did water but there were more times where my heart was filled with joy. Danny and Ron are such great people and the world needs more like these two men... Here's to you two guys great work and thank you for sharing this story. Cheers

Reviewed by genique-23201 10 / 10 / 10

Very inspiring

I watched this primarily cos of the cute doggos but as the story progressed I saw how dedicated Ron and Danny to these lovely dogs to the point it took over their house and their lives. I would have loved to adopt a few dogs from them but sadly I live in the UK...I would love to donate to them though.

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