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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex-flach 9 / 10 / 10

Too painful to watch.

Having served this film is often too painful to watch (the reason for my giving it a 9/10). It expresses the suffering and comradeship of warfare. This isn't just a film it's an education for a society disassociated from war. For those critics war isn't glorious or romantic. It's dirty and boring, and yes, people screw up. If you're stuck in a minefield without all the Gucci kit it's a bayonet and you're belt buckle, and it's hot and tiring and you make mistakes. Soldiers (at least the Toms) don't speak received English (so maybe you might have to pay more attention to what is being said)and yes they swear, live with it! There are plenty of wonderful war films where the (usually American) protagonists win the day with either a fashionable injury or glorious death; this isn't one of them. There is however humour and pathos in war and this expressed in loads. If everyone knew what war was really like nobody would want anything to do with one.

Reviewed by jed-79028 8 / 10 / 10

This is the sort of film that makes grown men cry.

I was recommended this by a fellow ex-serviceman as I'm usually pretty weary of this stuff. It is a little bit slow to start. (But then life in the Army can be like that.) Then it go's wrong spectacularly quickly. (Life in the Army can definitely be like that.) If you haven't served in the British forces you might not get this film, at one point I was sat quietly crying when a guy spat out a one liner that had me in creases. I won't go in to the old "them and us" bit, comparing British soldiers to American soldiers, suffice to say that these guys are very understated hero's. No hullabaloo, no histrionics just guts and above all a camaraderie that cannot be replicated anywhere else. But don't take my word for it, judge for yourself. Please.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 8 / 10 / 10

It's hard to watch at times but it's definitely worth watching.

I've seen quite a bit hard-to-watch-movies. But in most of those cases it were fictional movies like The Human Centipede, Hostel, Saw or A Serbian Movie. But with Kajaki it's different because it tells a true story. So your mind is set up to watch this movie as it was real. And I have to admit I was sometimes physically unwell during some scenes. They are hard to watch, so if you have a weak stomach I wouldn't recommend you to watch some scenes. But about the movie itself it is a brilliant movie. Certainly one of the most captivating war movies I've seen. It's not about we are the good ones and the others are the bad ones. It's about the devastating consequences of mines. Most of the movie is shot at the same place but the intensity of the stress moments gave me all those emotions. The absurdity of wars, the footsoldiers being seen just as expendable losses, it's sometimes hard to conceive. The acting was brilliant. It was like being with them in war territory. Kajaki is a movie I won't easily forget. It's one of those movies I will talk about among friends for a long time.

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