Killing Gunther


Action / Comedy

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May 27, 2019



Arnold Schwarzenegger as James Hook
Cobie Smulders as Ellen
Hannah Simone as Weird Emily
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephylu-77217 9 / 10 / 10

Love it!!!

I don't know why this film has such a bad rating! Maybe it's because people are watching with a predetermined expectation of what the film will be like and then they get disappointed. I thought this might be another super American, cheesy line action film. But I was pleasantly surprised. This film uses great techniques. Such as first person view mockumentary, breaking the 3rd glass rule(or whatever you call it), witty but realistic banter and a non typical American ending. Which made me LOVE this film! I think this film was too clever for it's own good and the general public couldn't appreciate it. I did initially watch this because I am an Arnie fan (it's so good to see him in films again) however his role was great and he didn't need to be present from the beginning because its about what's appropriate for the sake of the film. Arnold's character being aloof in the beginning made his character mysterious and more believable. I loved it! It's great! I 100% recommend a watch!

Reviewed by rentturaakki 8 / 10 / 10

Are today's people really this serious?!

When me and my girlfriend saw the 4.7 rating here, our expectations where low but we gave it a try cause of Arnold. And how glad we are we did! This shows again that you can not give imdb scores too much weight. This movie rocks! It's entertaining, funny as hell and the pace is good. The only disappointment was Arnold's short screen time. Ignore the score! Just watch it!

Reviewed by alliance109 8 / 10 / 10

I need to find another place for movie reviews

I need to find another place for movie reviews. There are way too many uptight people rating movies on IMDb. This movie was fun from the beginning until the end. Schwarzenegger was absolutely hilarious! like another reviewer said, just watch it For that matter make sure you watch any movie before you see the reviews, especially today, because it really can spoil great movies.

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