Kaili Blues


Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asiafilm1 10 / 10 / 10

Man returns to past places, people, and memories.

KAILI BLUES: A DEMANDING, STUNNING EXPERIENCE KAILI BLUES is an extraordinary film….not just a good first feature, not just a good independent Chinese film.…but an imperfect dazzling masterpiece. Audiences who watch normal films bring strong ideas of what makes effective, satisfying storytelling.…I came expecting another good festival art film from China, yet even as a film director/critic, it took me 45 minutes to suddenly realise and understand what the director was brilliantly achieving with fresh cinematic language and vision. From then on I was mesmerised and deeply moved. This film doesn't satisfy cinematic art or entertainment preconceptions….It is unique, thrilling personal cinema, that communicates on different conscious and subconscious levels, conceptually, visually, emotionally. BI GAN, the very young film director/poet in his 20s, is already an honest, open, accomplished artist, with well-deserved self-confidence (ego firmly in-check), dynamic creative ambitions, and skills to accomplish them. I don't want to burden him with this, or sound pretentious and preposterous – but I couldn't help flashing on Orson Welles during "Citizen Kane". Wang Tianxing's cinematography was stunning, perfectly merging with the dynamic style and viewpoints of the story. No matter how many camera persons were used or their professional experience, everything flowed seamlessly emotionally. The magical 41-minute single moving shot is as revolutionary as Sokurov's landmark "Russian Ark," with greater psychological and emotional resonance. Memory, fantasy, and reality weave through and around each other. Film crafts and cinema language are used smoothly and very effectively: visually powerful rural locations in Kaili, Guizhou Province, China (used with subtlety and respect), "costumes" (real lived-in clothes), props (from real homes and villages). Production design, sound, and editing are all creatively professional. The Producers did a remarkable job during pre-production, shooting, and post-production, because there must have been daily stressful problems to overcome. The actors – 99% non-professional - are perfectly cast and directed. Chen Yongzhong's memorable presence holds together all the wonderful characters in the 110-minute film. Traditional Chinese, Miao, children's song, local band, actor's song, new music, and terrific end credit duet, are all evocative and touching. KAILI BLUES should be seen at least two times, and discussed by film students in every international serious film school, and by audiences who are passionate about cinema in all countries within and outside China. (Since this is a glowing review, I must say that I have absolutely no connection with the film or anyone who made it.)

Reviewed by adityaalamuru 6 / 10 / 10

Mesmerizing, meditative and wonderful!

I ended up going alone for Kaili Blues for a 10 PM screening at the Mumbai Film Festival 2015. In accordance with standard procedure, I entered the cinema hall baked and ready to enjoy what my cousin described the night before as simply mesmerizing. At first, the theme of the film is familiar. It is essentially a mission to rescue someone (Weiwei) whom the protagonist (Chen) loves. As the film progresses, it takes on an increasingly surrealistic tone, almost losing its way from reality into the imagination of Chen as he travels the hills of China in search of his beloved nephew. The highlight of Kaili Blues is its cinematography. But there is a directorial element that I absolutely adored; the extended shots! Almost reminiscent of Birdman or a Tarantino film, the camera effortlessly follows our hero on bike, foot and boat uninterrupted, as he experiences his past, present and future. I wish this film all the best and hope it releases in a cinema near you!

Reviewed by improbabilities 6 / 10 / 10

Not sure why this film is tagged as a mystery or fantasy

Kaili Blues is essentially a slow-paced, contemplative, slice-of-life film. The gorgeous mountainous background of China's Guizhou Province, and the excerpts of poetry written by the main character, add an enchantingly artistic quality. There are not many moments of important dialogue shared between the characters, so this is best to be viewed when one is in a quiet, meditative mood, as it will leave you plenty of time to think and reflect. However, despite the fact that I have enjoyed a variety of other art-house films that consisted of similar qualities (South Korea's "Poetry," from 2010, directed by Lee Chang-dong, comes to mind), this motion picture failed to enrapture me. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't feel I connected very much with the main character. To be fair, there isn't a lot of backstory provided for him. If you want to feel that you have gone on a cinematic roadtrip through a subtropical region of China's countryside (as if you were driving along with photographers as they capture scenes of roads and towns for Google Earth), then watch this movie. If you want something fast-paced, humorous, thrilling, et cetera, then seek another option.

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