Johnny Got His Gun


Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Dalton Trumbo as John Gilvray
Jason Robards as Howard Hughes
Timothy Bottoms as Sheriff Carl Lovett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 9 / 10 / 10

As anyone who's watched TRUMBO knows, John Wayne jailed Dalton Trumbo . . .

. . . back in the 1950s because millionaires with guns are the most dangerous things in this world. Dalton Trumbo wrote JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN to warn America of the incipient Paddock Bannon Party (also frequently referred to as the Repug Party or the GOOPERS). Trumbo pictures former True Blue American Union Chief Johnny Wayne (nee Marion Mitchell Morrison, who became the self-proclaimed "Il Duce") with both legs, both arms, both eyeballs, both balls, and so forth blown off. Trumbo is saying with JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN that such emasculating total mutilation is what happens to a Man's immortal soul when he defects from the side of We True Blue Normal Average Loyal Patriotic Progressive Silent Majority 99 Per Center Union Label Citizens to throw in his lot with the Basket of Deplorable Corrupt Job-Killing Red Commie "Conservative" Capitalist Polluting Plunderer Class. Dalton knew that Wayne played a series of Robin Hood-like People's Champions during the 1930s before becoming a minion of Satanic Arch Demon John Ford. JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN Allegorizes what will become of America once the Racist Public Enemies such as Steve Paddock and Steve Bannon begin to "cull" We the American Masses. While "high roller" casino lizard gun nuts such as Paddock begin to machine-gun us away by the hundreds, this will merely be a sideshow fiendishly designed to distract us from the Main Threat to our Well-Being: casino lizards such as Steve Bannon and Don Juan Rump yanking away our Medicare, Food Stamps, Social Security, Veteran's Benefits, Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Government Pensions, ObamaCare, National Parks, Health Inspectors, Job Safety Enforcers, Union Committee People, and so forth to kill us off by the millions! Jesus Christ Himself might as well be pictured at the controls of a runaway freight train mangling the Bodies of We the People, Dalton shows us with JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, since all the so-called "Christians" of the USA are in league with the Devil! Tragically, America did not heed the lessons of JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, allowing Wayne and his henchman Ward Bond--a fellow Ford "Stock Company" imp--to ride their Harleys up and down Hollywood Boulevard late into the night, clubbing any neatly dressed pedestrians for being gay (like Il Duce and Bond were Canadians bashing baby seals!). When America continued to honor Wayne and his ilk EVEN AFTER the release of JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, it became inevitable that crass millionaires and billionaires such as Il Duce, Rump, Bannon, and Paddock would soon be gunning for us both LITERALLY (as in Las Vegas with Paddock) and, even more threateningly, with the ill-gotten wealth they've stolen from us to produce record levels of Well-Being Inequality, with Rump, Bannon and company now looting the U.S. Treasury and funneling half of it to the Kremlin! If YOU don't want to join JOHNNY in His Living Grave, Trumbo tells us, you MUST join the movement to declare the Paddock Bannon Rump Repugs as the Public Enemies they are, strip them of their citizenship on the grounds of High Treason, use their stolen wealth to pay off the National Debt they ran up, and deport them as Traitors to Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf B (the only continent that will take them)!

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 10 / 10 / 10

One of a Kind...Desparing and Depressing...Unforgettable Film Experience

Disturbing Audiences to the Extreme, bleak Anti-War Movie from Screenwriter (1938 novel), Director (only attempt), the Blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, does Try to Break the Downbeat Premise with Colorful Flashbacks containing some Dark Humor. But the Story's Central Theme of Horrific Mutilation, Military, Family, and Medical Disassociation from One's Personal Reality, is so Disparagingly Depressing, that the Tone Hardly Rises above its "Hell On Earth" Situation. Timothy Bottoms as the Quadriplegic Soldier sent to a Blacked Out Storeroom (away from curious eyes), to Vegetate while being "Studied" by Doctors, gives a Performance, at least the "Voice" Performance that Requires more than the 18 Year Old is Capable. Some of Trumbo's "Inner Voicing" is Stagy and Over Emoted. But this Flaw can be Overlooked because the Remainder of the Movie is so Effective, Offbeat, and Surreal that Watching this 1971 Film is a One of a Kind Experience that cannot be Forgotten. Powerful, Cynical Statements about War and other Things Represent Our "Cross to Bare" as the Human Species. Donald Sutherland as "Jesus Christ" makes an Indelible Impression as the Soldier Fantasizes from His Deathbed. Jason Robards Plays the Patient's Father in other Scenes that Linger. Fact is, this is one of those Films that will Linger Long. There were Reports when it was First Released in the Early Seventies that Audiences were routinely Spotted leaving the Theater in Total Silence. Without Doubt the same Thing would Occur Today. A Timeless Film that doesn't Feel Dated for One Second. Despite its Excellence, Repeated Viewings are Probably Rare.

Reviewed by Jean-Pol Cardin 10 / 10 / 10

"Johnny goes to war" - When man forgets his moral principles during the wars

My opinion--- Johnny Got His Gun (Johnny Got His Gun) is an American war drama of the most humanist kind, if any, against the absurdity of wars and their horror processions, admirably realized by Dalton Trumbo, in 1971, according to his novel published in 1939. This movie is very violent and challenging, is also a clear, clear and uncompromising statement against war ... The 1970s being justly conducive to the America, struggling with despair in Vietnam for so many years already with its cortege of horrors and misfortune, and "Johnny goes to war" will demonstrate a case among all these incredible Horrors that can be made to suffer like damage to the human beings disintegrating in this mire that is the war. As for the interpretation of "Timothy Bottoms" (in the role of Johnny) has delivered a breathtaking performance, a role taking in the guts an incredible force that dismisses the heart in front of all these absurdities that the man subjects to its pairs. In conclusion: a hard movie unequivocal and filled with humanity in a lost world, a movie to discover or rediscover.

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