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Darren Shahlavi as Mr. Miller / Twister
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Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Chang Mei / Red Army soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Akira-36 7 / 10 / 10

Exciting action sequences marred by weak third segment

Ip Man 2 contains top-notch action sequences from the beginning to the end. It is a befitting sequel that is almost on par with the first movie. However, it is unfortunate that some of the action scenes rely too much on wire-works. The battle between the masters for example, was inventive but a bit on the fantastical side. Looking back at the first movie, all of the best action sequences were much more grounded in realistic portrayal, as the Wing Chun style looks good in this manner. It was good to see some cool style vs style fights though, as we get to see Animal Style, Baguazhang and Hung Gar vs. Wing Chun. A friend and I were wondering though if it'd be more accurate to present Preying Mantis, Taiji and Choy Li Fut in the mix as these styles are well established in Hong Kong. In terms of plot, Ip Man 2 transitions nicely from the first movie, where we get to follow Ip Man as he establishes and propagates Wing Chun in Hong Kong after escaping Communist persecution in 1949. A fact that was obscured by making the character look like he's escaping the Japanese Army instead. No doubt this is a marketing ploy to make sure the movie would not upset the powers-that-be in China. And like the first movie, Ip Man 2 takes liberty with many facts and plot to condense the essence of Ip Man's characters and what he stood for. It is interesting to note that little is mentioned about his sibling and extended family who helped him in some capacity during this difficult period of time. One of his first pupils was loosely based on a real-life counterpart, the late Master Wong Shung Leung. In Ip Man's old life, he'd often send Wong to successfully answer challenges. Sammo Hung has delivered yet another amazing feat with choreographing this movie, despite his declining health during production. My biggest disappointment has to do with the blatant stereotype and one-dimensional characterization of the British colonists and the Twister character. It's a lazy writing that may excite a certain segment in the Chinese market, but in my eyes this serves only to bring down the movie to B-grade martial art flicks of bygone era. There's no denying the populist appeal of this method considering the main target market. All in all, this has been a fun movie to watch, and I hope the prequel will be as fun, if not more mature in its storytelling.

Reviewed by higherall7 7 / 10 / 10

Respect Between Cultures...

Donnie Yen comes across as a Chinese version of Shane. Instead of a Western, IP MAN 2 is a true Eastern. Humble and unassuming, it is easy to see how Bruce Lee reached international status after encountering the calm, self-controlled mentorship of such a Master Martial Artist. Donnie Yen's Ip Man is one of the most memorable characters to appear in Cinema in the last 25 years. Only Jet Li's Wong Fei-hung from the ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA trilogy rivals this portrayal. Donnie Yen's performance in the original IP MAN had me thinking Oscar; something I don't usually associate with Martial Arts movies. Loved the scene where Ip Man sets up his first Martial Arts school in Hong Kong. Truly enjoyed Donnie Yen as Ip Man demonstrating his level of knowledge to potential new students and gradually building up a body of students. To have individuals come to you to learn what you know must be a very gratifying feeling. This came across very poignantly in the scenes where Ip Man the Martial Arts enthusiast slowly becomes Ip Man the Martial Arts teacher. I loved the scenes where he was in his Dojo going over and correcting techniques with his students. I would have wished there were more scenes of him mentoring Bruce Lee in his school. Enjoyed also Ip Man having to meet with the Martial Arts Masters of his community and having to earn his right to teach and practice in their territory. The scenes of contest between him and them make a memorable and brilliant directorial set piece. These scenes where Ip Man starts his own school and meets with the Masters makes the whole movie to me. Sammo Hung as Master Hung Chun-Nam orchestrates very impressive Martial Arts choreography and presents a true three dimensional character. The climatic fight between Ip Man and Twister is simply a plus. People have likened it to the ROCKY IV movie, but I don't believe this particular action sequence suffers from the comparison. I never got the feeling that Ip Man was fighting for anything more than a restoration of community standards of civility and respect. There was no cocky posturing or desire for self aggrandizement in his body language. He fully came across as a teacher seeking to teach an arrogant Westerner an important lesson in Respect. Darren Shahlevi as Twister plays his role a little broad, but comes across as a worthy villain for Ip Man. The only thing I could have wanted more would have been to have Bruce Lee in the audience rooting him on to win. When Ip Man speaks at the end of the fight you know he is delivering the moral of the story. This is something heroes used to do in my youth. Returned was the idea that right makes might rather than the other way around. Fascinating to observe a man of high moral stature speaking through his most exhaustive effort to restore community order through the practice of his Art.

Reviewed by Peter Lorme 7 / 10 / 10

A worthy sequel that continues to bring the same charisma as the first.

Ip Man 2 (2011) is a worthy sequel that continues to bring the same charisma as the first. In a familiar fashion, this movie brings thrilling action while also having an emotional side to it. We also get to see more amazing fight choreography. While I did enjoy this movie a great deal, it felt a lot like the first one. The structure, the directing, the way dramatic events unfold, etc. It didn't feel unique, nor did it feel as enthralling as the first one was. Still, it was undeniably exciting, there was some great acting, the plot was pretty good, and I was never bored. I understand that this movie was "based on true events", but there are a striking number of similarities to the first one when it comes down to the narrative. As a whole, it isn't as good as the first one, but 'Ip Man 2" still brings charm, emotion, and excitement.

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