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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harfy 1 / 10 / 10

Boring movie !

Jeez...I watched 35 minutes of this movie, then I jumped to the end. What can I say about that awful thing ? Dumb main character, stupid plot, bad writing, bad acting, discount fights, and lots of shaky camera. Don't waste your time watching this, go watch "Le prix du danger" instead, it's an old movie (with + or - same plot) but it's way better. 1/10.

Reviewed by mat-fletcher 1 / 10 / 10

The synopsis is more interesting than the actual plot

I was intrigued by this as the synopsis suggested that a social commentary on the ongoing German economic migrant problem was on the cards. Perhaps something that reflects current german opinion from both ends of the spectrum. With the recent expansion of the German population by order of magnitude, these Germans have more right than many to be thinking about adverse effects of immigration, colonisation, multiculturalism. social disorder, cultural fragmentation and social change on a course that is taking them to an uncertain future that they never asked for. Unfortunately this movie explores none of this. Instead it´s like the movie ¨the purge¨ bad guys looking and acting in a very unrealistic way, there always seems to a be a girl watching every fight laughing manically. Everyone, including the victims, seems to know kung fu or kick boxing. It´s not a very controversial film so I think that the people leaving reviews about muslims and whatnot have not actually watched this. The main thrust of the plot is about germans trying to kill another german anyway. They switch between german and english throughout the film and I kind of wish they had just picked a language but it is representative of modern europe with the scale of movement of people that in areas like Berlin or other large cities, English is the common langauge. Wasted opportunity to explore something current, serious and dark if you ask me but other than the brief glimpse of hope that this might be a good film, it´s destined to be buried and forgotten about.

Reviewed by heretic369 1 / 10 / 10

What a cheap piece of trash..

Not to speak of how unrealistic this stupid little movie is (as in reality it´s more that germans have to fear brutality from "poor refugees"). One has to guess that´s how leftwing radicals see their own country. Anyway, even ignoring the stupid setting and story of the movie it is incredibly cheaply done and simply boring. The fights as well as the acting fits into this as well. Better watch Running Man for good action instead.

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