I Know Who Killed Me


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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April 3, 2019


Garcelle Beauvais as Woman #2
Julia Ormond as Carolyn Dunn
Lindsay Lohan as Maggie Peyton
Neal McDonough as John Breaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lyno123 1 / 10 / 10

Please read this review, it is the truth.!

My friend bought me this film because he knows I have a thing for Lindsay Lohan, so on the day of my birthday we sat down and watched I know who killed me, after reading the bad reviews i wasn't expecting much. This is the worst film i have seen in my life, don't watch this film ever, ever. Im not joking, we sat and laughed through the film and couldn't believe someone had made this film with the intention to make money, i honestly felt sick after watching the film, i am not even going to describe any scenes/plots i didn't like because i would just give you the film. I cannot believe how many good reviews there were on here, it makes me physically ill to think any one liked this joke of a film!!!

Reviewed by sonshyneshirley 1 / 10 / 10


The only good thing about this movie is that LL is a good actress. Unfortunately she had to act out this movie. The cut scenes made no sense, the killer really had no motive, and her visions were worse than Miss Cleo's. The flashbacks to the dances were bad, the initial kidnapping was not played out well at all,considering she was in a very crowded place one minute and all of a sudden gone. The murder of the father was merely implied, and the entire movie lacked all major detail. Also, how does the lady cop get everything right all the time?? Its like a bad episode of CSI. I really enjoyed LL's acting, I am a huge fan of Neal McDonough as well. I just wonder if this movie looked better on paper than it was portrayed on film.

Reviewed by chuckreis 1 / 10 / 10

"BarbWire was better than this"

That's right, my girlfriend turned to me in the movie and said, "I think BarbWire was better than this." Her opinion and mine seemed to carry through to the whole audience in the advance screening we went to last night. The audience was laughing at the horrible acting, terrible script and crap camera work. Specifics: Lohan works in a strip club where women are topless, yet she never takes the top off and even in sheer bra has pasties on (or were the pasties on top of the bra?). I could care less about seeing her naked, but if you are playing a stripper you might have to at least imply nudity with well placed hands. Someone decided to inject humor into the movie into the most awkward places. The biggest problem was trying to figure out why people were laughing more during the "serious parts" than the "funny parts". Characters come in, spout some wisdom and disappear behind a rock like the Dungeon Master. I have a feeling that they are supposed to be angels, maybe God himself? The twists in the movie are tough to swallow. I will not even come close to ruining them, they are not even worth ruining. Someone thought they could write a M. Knight script, but failed. Overall, this movie would be worth a rental from the dollar kiosk at the grocery store, as long as everything else is sold out. I am glad I got in for free. If you do decide to spend money to see this movie, send me the cash instead, I will then hit you in the groin, you will enjoy it more.

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