House on Haunted Hill


Horror / Mystery

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Elisha Cook Jr. as George Peatty
Richard Long as Russ Underwood
Vincent Price as The Invisible Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gftbiloxi 8 / 10 / 10

Darling, The Only Ghoul In The House Is You!

William Castle liked to promote his films with gimmicks, and the gimmick for THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL was Emerg-O: at the peak of the action, a glowing skeleton "emerged from the screen" and flew out over the audience on a wire. By most accounts Emerg-O caused more laughter than chills, but fortunately Castle never relied on gimmicks alone: he also liked bona fide stars, and for HAUNTED HILL his star of choice was none other than the legendary horror star Vincent Price. Like most Castle films, HAUNTED HILL's plot reworks a well-worn theme. Millionaire Price and his wife Carol Ohmart give a "haunted house party" for five strangers chosen at random and promised ten thousand dollars if they last the night. The catch: the doors lock at midnight, after which there is no escape until the caretakers return in the morning. While the story itself doesn't hold many surprises, the script is unexpectedly witty, and Price plays it in a slightly prissy, very high-camp manner with a tremendous dose of the black humor for which he was so famous--and the little-known Carol Ohmart is every bit his match, snapping out memorable lines ("Darling, the only ghoul in the house is you!") in every scene. Together they elevate the film well above what you might otherwise expect, and when combined with the largely wooden supporting cast and some of the silliest this-is-supposed-to-scare-you effects imaginable the result is a cult classic with plenty of camp appeal. In addition to Price and Ohmart, the film is also surprisingly atmospheric. Shot in and around one of Frank Lloyd Wright's more famous structures, the grainy "late show" look of the film (due more to accident and age than deliberate intent) is very entertaining, the cinematic devices (everything from disembodied heads, irises, and jump-cuts) are very appealing, and the sound track (which sounds like a mix of piano bass keyes, synthesizer, and soprano vocals) is exactly what you'd want for this obvious but extremely entertaining flick. Of all the Castle films, THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is my personal favorite, and it should rate very high with fans of cult, camp, and Vincent Price. And I'll go further than that: of all his memorable appearances, I do believe this was among Price's best. A great choice for both family movie night or a sophisticated Halloween howl--very recommended! Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer

Reviewed by jadavix 5 / 10 / 10

One of the better haunted house movies

"House on Haunted Hill" is a horror movie which may have been unfairly relegated to the bargain bin of history due to the gimmickry of its infamous filmmaker, William Castle. Indeed, during its first showings in the fifties, a skeleton would be lowered down into the audience during a key scene - but apparently this trick was resigned when cinema goers started throwing things at it. Castle, as it turns out, didn't need to resort to such things. He was a more than capable filmmaker: "House on Haunted Hill" features many genuinely shocking, and even frightening, moments. The plot concerns an eccentric millionaire - played by, who else? Vincent Price - who invites a group of people to stay in a supposedly haunted house. If they can last the night, he will give them $10,000. Of course, there are signs that the house may indeed be haunted, but everything is not what it seems, and the guests may have more to fear than spooks. Aside from the indelible Vincent Price, the movie also stars Elisha Cook Jr., a character actor who looks like a smaller, traumatised Jack Nicholson, and Julie Mitchum (brother of Robert) in the last film of her negligible acting career. I was a little troubled by the ending, which seems to try for an open-ended lack of resolution, but doesn't quite get there. Instead it made me think I'd misunderstood something. Aside from this, "House on Haunted Hill" is a must watch for horror fans.

Reviewed by Art Vandelay 5 / 10 / 10

All Buildup, No Payoff

Vincent Price and the wife are creepy. Elisha Cook is freaking everyone out with this ghost stories. It's a house of murder. The old lady (caretaker?) popping out of the shadows made me jump. There's a nice plot twist. But then the movie drove itself off a cliff. That skeleton. C'mon. I've seen scarier skeletons at the chiropractor's office. And then a semi-confession and boom, movie pretty much ends. It's like back in in the VCR days when you'd tape a late-night movie and your tape would run out before the movie ended. Maybe they ran out of money before they filmed a proper 3rd act.

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