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David Moscow as Young Josh
Jessica Alba as Sam Lockwood
Mekhi Phifer as Sonny
Romeo Miller as Johnny Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pri_e 6 / 10 / 10

not that bad...

After reading a lot of the reviews on this board, I thought this movie was going to be really bad however I found that this movie isn't really as terrible as some people have made it out to be. Jessica Alba plays Honey Danies, a hip-hop dance teacher hoping to make it as a choreographer, for someone who didn't have any previous dance experience, she sure does a fantastic job! Mekhi Pfifer is good in his supporting role as the barber with a lot of heart. This movie is something that has been done many times before so you can't expect an oscar nominated screenplay etc etc. However, its something you can enjoy and if you are into the music or dancing, then this is definitely something for you a 6/10

Reviewed by QueerVamp20 6 / 10 / 10

A good watch - Don't take it too seriously

Although this movie may remind you of other movies - it still is decent on it's own stance - It sends a good message to people - And gives hope for young people on the streets with wasted talent - Honey is about a young woman who gets the chance to become a choreographer for some of the most popular R&B singers - Prior to this she worked in a club as a bartender and also taught Hip Hop at the local community center - Betrayal, lust, hope, fighting for what you believe, and great dancing are the words that come to mind when describing this movie - It's no "Save The Last Dance" but hey - who doesn't like "Honey"!?! - The problem with movies is they are never what you expect - and sometimes exactly what you expect - Don't hold your standards too high because this is no Academy Award winning movie - but it is a little bit of a gem, liked mostly by true movie buffs -

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10 / 10

How simple, charming dance flick it is.

One of the first films in the revolution of modern dance flicks, though I know I saw it too late. Nowadays there are many films are coming out since the younger generation showing very interest in the dance. I especially don't know how 'Step Up' made a successful franchise, but the sixth is on the way. Honey is a main character's name played by Jessica Alba. A passionate dance, choreographer, when her dream coming to true that hits a roadblock for some reason followed by other issues. So now she has to come up with a solution to solve all the problems and that's the film tells how she overcomes them all at once. A simple story, even the choreography was ordinary, but not a bad film. I anticipated Alba to give a show that not to forget for the decades. This is now obviously a decade old flick and disappointed with her character, especially with her dance moves. But young Alba in a sexy pose on the poster, no one can just ignore it from watching. Overall, I enjoyed it. Since I'm watching it delayed, I should not compare it to the present scenario. Even though it has been only 13 years, in which all the fields rapidly advanced, so the dance. I suggest you just go for it with an empty mind if you want to see it. Soon I'm going to catch up with its sequel, but I know it won't be as decent as this one. 6/10

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