Hero at Large


Comedy / Romance

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August 13, 2019


Anne Archer as J. Marsh
John Ritter as Roger
Kevin Bacon as John Graham
Kevin McCarthy as Calvin Donnelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by faolan-2 8 / 10 / 10

Great Super Hero Movie

This role is one of Ritters' best performances in a highly acclaimed career. His portrayal of a really nice and well-meaning guy, who has to make a tough ethical decision to help him pay his bills, is thoughtful and funny at the same time without being over-the-top Jack Tripper funny. Ritter and the Director give a great real-world look at super-heroes. How does he get to crime scenes? Can he dodge bullets? Where does a super hero get medical attention? In a way it's sort of a misnomer to call him a super hero since he doesn't actually have any super powers, but his willingness to put himself in danger to help others is the core value that all super heroes must have. The fact that he goes out and tries to stop crimes anyway, without super powers, makes him even more courageous than a true comic book hero in a way. Before movies like Unbreakable and Spiderman came along I called this movie the best super hero movie ever made. No special effects other than a few fires. No flying through the air. Just a real guy showing that courage and caring are what's really important. One of the best feel-good endings of any movie ever made.

Reviewed by thecoolestmike 10 / 10 / 10

Simple yet Powerful

I love this movie. John Ritter portrays a classic good guy. - He's a struggling actor who was wearing a Captain Avenger costume to promote its film along with over 20 other actors throughout New york City. After doing the promotion, He was still wearing the costume under his coat while a shopping at a corner grocery store when it gets robbed. He removes his coat and prevents the robbery. The media gets word of a person wearing a Captain Avenger costume stopping a crime and wonders if he will reappear. John Ritter's character feels good about what he did and decides he wants to more. He prevents another crime and gets injured. He also gets locked out of his apartment for not paying his rent, so woman across the hall to gives him a place to stay while he heals. Politics get involved before the suspenseful ending -- This is a feel good movie with romance and a great suspenseful ending.

Reviewed by thecoolestmike 10 / 10 / 10

John Ritter's best role outside of Three's Company

John Ritter playes a real life costumed hero. This movie starts out a little slow but gets better quickly. This is a wonderful romantic adventure film about caring and helping others. It also has possibly the best ending to any movie.

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