Hard Luck


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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April 14, 2019


Bill Cobbs as Speet
Cybill Shepherd as Marilyn Schwary
Luis Guzmán as Johnny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rodrigo Amaro 3 / 10 / 10

Waste of Time

Look what happened to me on the same week. In one day I watched "New Jack City" who happens to be directed by Mario Van Peebles and it also happens to be a great movie about the dangers of the criminality in the New York of the 1980's and 1990's. A few days later I had the chance to watch this one "Hard Luck" also directed by Peebles and with Wesley Snipes in the cast. Result: this movie has nothing good to show except that are some twisted minds wandering around in the world. Wesley Snipes plays Lucky an bad luck ex-convict who crosses countless and weird situations after some obscure negotiation involving an old friend (Noah Fleiss), some corrupt police officers and a gun dealer. While trying to get away of a shootout he kidnapped a beautiful dancer (Jacquelyn Quinones), stole the money of the negotiation and run away from the police. On the road he's gonna meet a psychotic couple (played by Cybil Shepherd and James Liao) and some other strange people in a mosaic and boring film. The action scenes are annoying, weak and there's nothing special about it and Snipes was wasted in that department but in the dramatic scenes he is better than some of the supporting actors. The story presents too many characters and situations trying to be a action flick mixed with some mosaic film such as "Magnolia" where everybody and everyone is connected although we don't know how and when. About the psychotic couple...well they are presented in the beginning of the movie and you keep trying to understand what they're doing all the time, torturing people they find on the streets and you keep thinking what's the connection between them and Snipes? Only in the end you're gonna find out! I'm truly disappointed with this film because it had some potential, it had a social denounce in the beginning (Snipes character survived the Hurricane Katrina) and the movie totally forgot that and moved to an ordinary and crappy action movie. I miss the great director of "Panther" and "New Jack City" who knew how to work with explosive themes and some good action scenes in the middle. A good cast was wasted (except Luis Guzman who was real funny in his only scene), money was wasted and my time was wasted. 3/10

Reviewed by TheGDfather 3 / 10 / 10

Hard Luck is more like Hard to watch.

I'm giving this a 6.5 and I'm pretty loyal to movies with wesley snipes. This movie just lacked a great plot. Everything you learn about writing a story it seems to be forgotten in this movie. From the begging, to the plot, to the suspense, and even the ending was terrible. I expect better from mario van pebbles. Welsey still can act, and the girl wasn't a bad actor either. As a matter of fact all the actors were pretty good or at least decent. In a lot of low budget films you get some terrible actors. I can't recall any. Even the sick twisted couple all played their parts to the T. But beyond that Its petty lame. I mean judging this based on passenger 57, demolition man, white man can't jump and all the blades. And to be honest I should have gave it a 5. But like I said the other actors and actresses were great. The movie was lacking action. Yeah there were bits a pieces of action. But it wasn't put together well. And the police weren't tough enough. The movie was about a drug sting gone wrong along with some crooked cops. Thats should be an easy plot with the cast they had. But they needed more action. You can't just show scene after seen and then not explain some of these characters. I guess with the low budget they weren't able to get into detail of each character. But thats what makes you have a feeling of that character. If you keep throwing characters in with out giving the viewers a personality to attach it to then you are mudding the waters. They did a good job with the serial killers. And to be honest they did the best job with them. Sick as it was it left you in wanting to know whats going to happen. I surely didn't want to know or care what happened to lucky and his stripper girlfriend. Even the part where he catches her calling the guy who got killed in the shootout (who was dead at the time) was really set up wrong. You have to spend some time on that, do it right. And the end of the day, great characters, great acting, bad bad plot witch was all over the place. I would have excepted this in the late 80's early 90's with the one liners and the sex that took place. But not in 2006. I don't think they have the range to make a low budget movie a hit cause everybody is worried about a paycheck. Next go in detail a little more, make up a new concept. Might not be new to society but new to views. Like in drop zone. How many people could tell you about skydiving? But it seems like you watched the movie and you learned something new. If you are going to make a low budget film make it to where they viewers is like "ah, I am learning something new thats cool, is that really how that works". You have to question it cause you don't know. And it may be fake but it got you interested. Its called creativity and this movie get 3 in creativity. Once again shouldn't be hard to do with this cast.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10

Has to be seen to be believed

Well, I've finally tracked down Wesley Snipes's worst film and it turns out to be this Mario Van Peebles-directed stinker that attempts to mix the small-time gangster genre with a serial killer flick. HARD LUCK is an appallingly shot, badly written B-movie that's so inept that you wonder whether Peebles went out of his way to make the worst film he could as part of a bet. The film stars Snipes and the often-naked Jackie Quinones as an ex-con and a stripper who go on the run from the Mob with a suitcase full of cash. All very ordinary you might think, but then the plot takes a turn for the bizarre with the introduction of a serial killing couple played by Cybill Shepherd and James Liao. Yes, that really is Cybill Shepherd in this movie, although what she's doing here I can only guess. HARD LUCK is shoddily made and particularly badly shot; all of the dialogue scenes and moments of exposition are acceptable, but the handling of the action is horrendous (a surprise considering Peebles's experience in the genre). The ineptness has to be seen to be believed: there's genuinely nothing good here, aside from a typically reliable Snipes, so how this got made or even released I have no idea.

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