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Christopher Lee as Doctor Neumann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dreweaston 1 / 10 / 10


I was good enough to give Simon and his motley crew a grounding at Tollcross Community Centre in Edinburgh to make the trailer for a spoof Bond movie, "A view to a Shandy", in the 1980s, which turned out to be a load of rubbish like this film. Simon has admirable leadership skills but fails to realise that his writing and directing abilities fall far short of what is required to be successful in the film industry. Barry Norman was right. And if Simon had not annoyed Barry so much at the Cannes Film Festival, he may have been less acerbic regarding what he described as one of the worse film. Typical Simon. Suicidal anti-critical baloney. The film was crap, Simon. The Police Sergeant in "Doctors" actually got a line from another character, "You are a 'funny man'". That, perhaps, was the closest you got to success. And you never said thanks, Drew. And Pauline still owes me a tenner. If she is still with you and still worried about you cutting your scrotum until it bleeds (and she held tightly onto me as you did that in public at night club "gastallweekendo") , tell her she still owes me £6.45, plus interest. ie a tenner. Funny Man is a load of rubbish. Simon, I wish you had allowed your real strengths to trust others to decide what was best. You lost sight of your own abilities and became confused. You were never a creative person. You were a leader. Like your father. Sorry to say all that. I really liked you Simon but you never really liked yourself. That was clear.

Reviewed by Afracious 2 / 10 / 10

An outrageous English horror film with a difference

Disregard the many negative reviews of this film below. It is actually an odd little hidden gem. The story is about a man who wins a card game against Christopher Lee, who then gives him his large old house. The man moves into the house with his family, and they soon discover a sinister jester who resides there, the Funnyman. This pesky little guy kills people in different ways; some of them are outrageously gory and over the top, and a little bit like Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead. The joker also speaks in a variety of British accents, and takes on different personas, such as a club owner, a footballer, and a few other weird guises. The film is low budget and very English, and may not appeal to overseas audiences; but it's a worthy effort considering its budget. If you want a horror film with comical gory scenes, dark humour, sprinkles of English silliness, and something different, check out the Funnyman. You might like it.

Reviewed by Erewhon 2 / 10 / 10

Dismayingly bad

The makers of FUNNY MAN seem to have wanted to create a 100% English version of such wisecracking horror figures as Freddy Krueger, and the figure they've chosen seems on the mark: he's a living embodiment of a joker from a deck of cards. Other joker/jester images are scattered throughout the film. But the problems overwhelm the movie: to begin with, there's no story. A guy wins a house in a card game (why is the card game in the U.S.?) and moves into it. The Funny Man promptly erupts from the floor and starts killing the new arrivals, including some others who show up later on. But at no point is there even the slightest hint as to WHY this is going on. We never have any idea as to the Funny Man's motives, or the failings (if any) of the people he kills. There's a slight hint that all this is the delusions of an insane Christopher Lee -- but the madhouse scene is in exactly the same style as the rest of the film. The Funny Man isn't funny (though the makeup is impressive), and isn't even intelligible to most Americans much of the time. Effects are minimal (although there's one bit with a hand spreading wide that's unnerving -- and meaningless), but the photography and use of color are actually quite impressive. It's impossible to judge most of the performances, since the characters (if that's the word) are drawn so broadly that they're repellent caricatures from the moment we meet them. We not only don't give a damn if they die, we don't even know who the heck they ARE (or why they're dying). Reportedly, the movie was made as an effort to revive English horror, but this ponderous, pretentious mess, unfunny, confusing and inconclusive, wouldn't have revived anything. Some praise is due Christopher Lee for cooperating with this effort; it was an act of courage and generosity. Too bad it was for such a sorry end product.

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