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Reviewed by Richard Dominguez 10 / 10 / 10

So Much More Than I Expected

In The Tradition Of Movies Like Crash, Magnolia (A Brilliant Movie), Babel. Pulp Fiction We Follow 4 Different Stories As They Slowly Weave Together Becoming In The End One Story ... Ryan Phillippe Is A Detective Seeking Justice For A Dead 6 Year Old Girl ... Bernard Hill A Worried Father Looking For His Lost Son ... Sam Riley A Man Looking To Replace The Love He Has Lost ... Eva Green An Artist That Suffers Through Multiple Suicide Attempts For Her Art ... These 4 Lives Are Thrown Together In What Appears To Be A Perfect Religious Society ... Like The Movies This One Imitates This Is A Brilliant Story That Reminds Us That As Large As The World Is It Is Very Tiny In The Scope Of All Things ... We Are not Alone, We Live, Suffer, Laugh, Cry, Rejoice, Etc .. Together ... The Writing Is Excellent As Well As The Acting ... Special Credit To Gerald McMorrow's Direction, His Ability To Keep Such A Huge Story In Front Of The Camera From Beginning To End Was Amazing ... Also It Would Be Wrong To Not Mention Those Who Handled The Production Design, Art Direction, Set Decoration And Costume Design ... Original And Enticing This Is Not A Movie To Be Missed ... In A World Gone Mad Hope Survives

Reviewed by Kieran Elliott 3 / 10 / 10

Visually interesting at times...and that's it

Oh gods, this movie was awful. I give it a middling score as it was in certain parts visually compelling and there was nothing wrong with the acting, but it was poorly edited and paced, thought it was a lot smarter than it was, and made not a lick of sense. This seems to be a movie designed to defend itself with cries of 'it's so artistic' or 'it's not a dumb popcorn action movie', but I like slow movies, clever movies, and this was neither of those things. It's plot meanders about with cuts that make little sense, the emotion doesn't hit home, and while it is not incumbent on a movie to raise questions and then answer them (sometimes the point is there is not an answer, at least not a clear one), that's an artistic decision that needs intelligence and skill to pull off, and the movie lacked both, at least when it came to storytelling. There's enough hope at the start for something to tie it all together into something that might be decent, I was intrigued, and I'm fine with a slow pace, but what did come together in the end was a mess without emotional impact. Sorry if this all sounds harsh, perhaps despite my protestations to the contrary I am merely an uncultured barbarian who cannot appreciate the deep themes that were being aimed for...but I find it hard to credit the movie enough to think that. Self indulgent, it probably made sense in the writer's head as a character portrait set against a fantastical metaphorical backdrop, but on the screen the story was not compelling, the character's not given enough to work with to be interesting, the attempt to weave the settings together was clunky, and not enough was done to justify why this tale needed it.

Reviewed by supermaggie 3 / 10 / 10

Depressing portrayal of the cruel injustice of fate

This movie has the potential to be one of my favorite movies. here is why I hate it instead: The movie starts out like a fantastic, mesmerizing, amazing steam-punk/fantasy world/masterpiece and in addition there are some great, clever lines about religion that I can only highly agree with, but soon the viewer realizes, that the story takes place in the normal world instead - that's it with the great setting/the great Meanwhile City, poof and gone. Instead it is a regular garden variety crime story/drama and not just that, it turns out to be a story of immense injustice - what naive characters may consider romantic is the proof that this world is a heap of BS: that stupid Milo gets the happy ending, why? And why not David? David is not a bad man, on the contrary, and he is the one who can not be lulled (he recognizes the Theodicy dilemma (If a god is willing to prevent evil, but not able, then he is not omnipotent. If he is able, called but not willing, then he must be malevolent. If he is neither able or willing then why call him a god? Why else do bad things happen to good people?). He is just unlucky. He experiences evil / traumatic / unsettling/sickening experiences (the loss of the sister, war experiences, an annoyingly religious father - just think of: "It was God's will that our daughter died" -duh) and along with an unlucky, genetic predisposition to mental instability this makes him a condemned soul and his only way out is death, while fate brings other people a happy ending - that is pure injustice, depressing, unsatisfying, typical !! Not everyone's "life is too much of an adventure as it is without making anything else up" - blah blah, stupid chatter of lucky people, who understand nothing. -The ultimate injustice, a bullshit end - as David said it himself: "they neglect to see (...) the damage that fate causes so many in its selfish journey towards just one favorable consequence." Milo is the one favorable thing that happens and everybody else including/esp. David are the losers and have to suffer a cruel fate. Disgusting, depressing, I wish I hadn't watched it, I misjudged it, I was misguided by the nice pictures of Meanwhile city which the movie happily blasts away in the end.

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