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Peter Cushing as Professor Lorrimer Van Helsing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nfaust1 10 / 10 / 10

A Terrific Fisher Hammer

There's more going on in this little Hammer than meets the eye. The script reaches for something beyond the usual Frankenstein story, and Terence Fisher accommodates with keenly focused, at times inspired, direction. Start thinking about what is inferred when the soul of a boy, the son of a murderer, is transfered to the body of a crippled, deformed girl. The resulting action does not follow a clear and easy "good verses evil" scenario. Within the confines of a Hammer movie's melodrama, Fisher, a classical stylist and at times a superb artist, often created magic. This is one of those times. The performances are all equally compelling. Cushing gives the Baron more texture here than in any of the other films, I think. Thorley Walters is a good foil, and his befuddled affection and respect for the Baron makes some of this really rather touching. Arther Grant's photography has never been better. I urge viewers to watch the film with an open mine. This is not the usual horror film; it's more a fantasy, a fairy tale.

Reviewed by Witchfinder-General-666 8 / 10 / 10

Hammer Created Horror-Gold

The fourth film of Hammer's awesome Frankenstein series, legendary director Terence Fisher's "Frankenstein Created Woman" of 1967 is another creepy and excellent Hammer gem, and my personal favorite film in the series. Movies like this are reason enough to admire both Fisher as Hammer's most important director and leading man Peter Cushing as one of the greatest Horror icons in the history of motion pictures. Once again, Cushing stars as the ingenious and very unorthodox scientist Baron Victor Frankenstein, exceedingly dedicated to the acquisition of corpses for his eerie obsession of resurrecting the dead by means of rather macabre methods... I will not give any parts of the plot away, but I can assure that Hammer fans will not be disappointed by this one. Mad science, disfigurement, body snatching, resurrection, insanity and an adequate amount of blood, suspense and eeriness, as well as some very humorous scenes, "Frankenstein Created Woman" has it all. The movie provides the typical eerie Hammer-style score and photography, and therefore maintains the creepy and great atmosphere Hammer-fans love to see. Peter Cushing's performance as the macabre Baron is excellent as always, and beautiful Susan Denberg was a great choice for the female lead. Thorley Walters furthermore fits very well in his role of Frankenstein's colleague in (mad) science, Doctor Herz. "Frankenstein Created Woman" is a brilliant Horror-gem that comes with my highest possible recommendations. Along with the dark and gruesome "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell", this is my personal favorite of Hammer's Frankenstein series, and it also ranks among my Top 10 out of all Hammer films. This is pure Gothic Horror gold that no Horror fan could possibly afford to miss!

Reviewed by preppy-3 8 / 10 / 10

Silly but fun Hammer film

Dr. Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) has discovered how to contain the soul of somebody after they had died. His helper Hans (Robert Morris) is (unjustly) found guilty of a murder committed by three other men and guillotined. Hans' girlfriend Christina (Susan Denberg) kills herself. Frankenstein saves Hans' soul and puts it in her. She comes out as a beautiful woman but has Hans thirst for revenge... As you can see logic does not play a strong role in this picture. For one thing Denberg is introduced as a dark haired, horribly scarred woman. After the "operation" she's blond-haired and looks perfect! Also, when she goes out to kill the men responsible for Hans death, she seems to know EXACTLY where they'll be (I love how she just guessed that Johann would be in a coach and it would break down). Still, Hammer films were never strong on logic so this can be forgiven. Also there's some dreadful day-for-night shooting (another Hammer trademark). Despite all this I DO love this film. It moves quickly and has some pretty bloody scenes (for 1967). There's also a flash of nudity in a bedroom scene. The acting is very good. Thorley Walters gives a good performance as Dr. Hertz; Morris is actually pretty good as Hans; even Denberg isn't bad (although her voice was dubbed). Best of all, of course, is Peter Cushing. He plays Frankenstein to perfection showing the doctors obsession with creating life. One of the better Hammer Frankenstein movies. Just turn off your mind and enjoy. I give it an 8.

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