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Channing Tatum as Shawn MacArthur
Mark Ruffalo as Detective Giovanni A. Malloy
Sienna Miller as Frankie Burns
Steve Carell as David Sheff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juneebuggy 7 / 10 / 10

Vague retelling with brilliant preformances

This was a little (lot) vague at times, whereas at the end I had to Google the events that happened to get the whys of it. Based on a true story about millionaire John Du Pont and his relationship with two brothers, Dave & Mark Schultz, Olympic wrestlers he engages to train at his estate so that he can be an "Olympic coach." Mark initially idolizes Du Pont but slowly realizes the depths of his benefactors madness. Things are hinted at...sexual misconduct and the actual murder is done in such a vague way it doesn't appear to have any motivation. Its slow at times and sorta feels like a documentary in its style which keeps the viewer at a distance. The make up and acting from all involved is phenomenal though. Steve Carell, wow creepy brilliant job. Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo as the brothers also do a great job.

Reviewed by raja_sarkar 8 / 10 / 10

This is a bizarre but real story of men with cauliflower ears ;-)

Anybody who is not aware of the star cast may make a failed guess about the actor who played John du Pont. It is one of a performance by Steve Carell. Steve have nailed it in so many ways. The makeup was superb. The bizzare dialogue delivery was well acted. Not only Steve's, but Channing and Mark's characters were given thoughtful makeup, for example the Cauliflower Ears common in wrestlers. The expecting though unexpected climax stole the other interesting parts of the story. I am impressed by the director, Bennett Miller. It is one of his best work till date - even better than Moneyball.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 8 / 10 / 10

Great performances, great tension

The absolute epitome of "show don't tell." This film builds its tension and develops its characters with actions...not words. Plus, the performances - from Carrell to Ruffalo - are fantastic. Granted the plot is uneven and slow, but the overall effect is chilling nonetheless.

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