Four Brothers


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Garrett Hedlund as Jonathan
Sofía Vergara as Angela Ramirez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb2-5 3 / 10 / 10

Painfully bad, especially with an all star cast

With an eye popping cast of talent you get a bowl full of cheese, replete with what are surreal, hard to believe moments of laugh out loud unintentionally painfully funny dialog and flashbacks of characters ready to wink back at the audience. In short, four adopted bad reputation brothers come back to their childhood home to mourn the death of their mother in a robbery, but later appears that it might have been the result of foul play. I knew this was headed for trouble when the film had a soap-opera like appearance. Four adopted brothers talk about their momsy moms in a bizarre, unrealistic and painfully funny fashion. There are no rules on what appears the entire time to be an isolated staged set. Did they run out of money for extras? It looked like a staged show you'd see on Broadway. Streets with no people, car chases with no one else on the road, outdoor scenes with no one in the vicinity except for "the local kids" who have a speaking part. It's bizarre. Nothing in this film makes much sense. Don't believe the highly rated reviews. They are either paid shills or have painfully low expectations. I happen to like a good number of Wahlberg's films, think Andre 3000 is a fantastic talent and the villain is an Oscar winning actor and major talent. It's all wasted on a script that is so poorly written that you must blame the writers, director and these guys' agent for doing this rubbish. This has to be a payback film for something. The explanation as to why the events in this film took place are loose - at best. They include every cliche in the book, good cop bad cop, hot blooded latina girlfriend,, a Wahlberg who can pull out his gun seemingly at every turn and somehow NEVER gets reported to the police or seriously threatened by anyone else in what is supposed to be a rough Detroit neighborhood. To say this movie was unrealistic is an understatement. It really looks, feels and acts like a stage play. Flashbacks of scenes with moms are painfully funny. All these tough guys reduced to tears, visions of moms moms. I don't know who drew it up on paper but it had us rolling with laughter each time they pulled that sideshow. And it goes through the entire movie in such a fashion. I won't ruin the ending for you but will say that, it too, has the kind of Hollywood ending where you just have to laugh at how poorly and beyond loose it is. What occurs could only happen in a movie because it was written that way. The movement of characters is also painfully choreographed. Nothing feels natural because it isn't. This is one of the most painful wastes of an excellent cast I've seen. Don't say you weren't warned that this is nowhere near the inflated 7 star rating this film has at the moment. So disappointed.

Reviewed by Floated2 5 / 10 / 10

Violet and Gritty

Four Brothers tells the story of four adopted sons of a murdered woman when return home to Detroit to bury. Their mother was the saint of the community, finding homes for abandoned and unwanted children. These four men were the only lost souls that no one wanted, so she took them in. They grew up to be criminals, but they ended up much better off than they ever would if she hadn't helped them. The film settles in once after comparing notes at the funeral, the brothers decide to look deeper into their mother's death. Without worries about the law and consequences, these four brothers make it their mission to bring justice to their town. This film is quite a rough and tough violet revenge film. At some parts does it dwindle but overall its a solid action thriller.

Reviewed by Davis P 5 / 10 / 10

If you like a lot of gangster and locker room banter.....

Four Brothers is all about thugs to be perfectly honest. If you like gangster movies then I guess you'll like this okay, personally I was really annoyed with it a lot of times. I like movies where I can really pull for the protagonist and where I don't feel badly towards them, and I really couldn't do that in this movie, I mean yes there were many times where I felt horrible for them and I wanted them to win, but at the same time they were jerks a lot of the time and all the locker room tough guy junk got on my nerves and it got really old after a while. The casting was good for the kind of rolls these men played, especially Mark Wahlberg since he really was a thug in real life and plays characters with that kind of attitude many times. The acting isn't really bad it's certainly not great by any means, but i wouldn't say it's poor, my thing was just that the male characters annoyed me with their crap a lot throughout the film. There are a few touching moments about them trying to find their mothers killer and there are some memories of their mother that are nice to see, but those times come pretty far and few in between. I got bored with the film sometimes and wanted it to move along. Overall I don't really suggest this film, there are better ones that are more worthy of your time. 5/10.

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