For the Boys


Comedy / Drama / Music

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Bette Midler as Sadie Shelton / Sadie Ratliff
Billy Bob Thornton as Manuel Jordan
James Caan as Marvin
Vince Vaughn as Frog
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10 / 10


Production assistant Jeff Brooks (Arye Gross) tries to convince Dixie Leonhard (Bette Midler) to join Eddie Sparks (James Caan) on his TV special. Dixie is bitter and recounts her history with Eddie. During WWII, Dixie is overjoyed to sing with Eddie. On the other hand, he is dismissive at first and angry at her crude humor. Art Silver (George Segal) convinces them to be an entertainment duo. Dixie's husband gets killed in the war. During Korea, they get caught up in the fighting. Art is blacklisted and Eddie is forced to fire him. Dixie's son Danny starts rebelling and sees Eddie as a father figure. Danny joins the military for Vietnam and Dixie blames Eddie for his lost. The construction is very flat and biopic-like. The problem is that it's not a biography and it doesn't have that extra appeal. There is very little intensity and the drama has no tension. The central conflict centers on Danny and yet he is no more than a prop. This movie should be mostly about the conflict between Eddie and Dixie over Danny. That's the only place where the drama has any tension.

Reviewed by statuskuo 10 / 10 / 10

Indicative of 90's Period Pieces

Schmaltzy. Good schmaltz, but schmaltz nonetheless. A very thin veiled look at the USO coupling of two diametrically different performers who struggle to work with one another thru war and the bitterness that entwines their lives through the decades. I think both roles were mis-casted. Caan, while giving his best, still seemed...angry. That chip on his shoulder is more off putting than endearing, even during the predictable change of heart. And Bette, which also has a strong performance, seemed to play the young sex kitten as an older person, but as an older person attempt to play the sex kitten. What you end up with is a very uneven movie. You really want it be effective, but it just falls a tiny bit short of it. Would I recommend on a slow night...yeah, it's interesting to watch. Since you get a sense some of these moments are taken straight from relationships as volatile as Ricky and Lucy, or Burns and Allen.

Reviewed by bedoyama 10 / 10 / 10

If you like the music and are nostalgic about the era it is worth it, don't pay attention to the politics

I stumbled just two weeks ago with the soundtrack of this movie without knowing there was a movie for it. I absolutely loved the songs and the band tunes and decided to watch the movie. I think this movie looks better with the age as its obvious flaws (makeup of the old protagonists for example) probably offended moviegoers in 1991. Today the movie is doubly nostalgic as I also found charming the portrayal of the initial scene that was very 80's in style. The hate story in the backstage/perfect chemistry in the stage was perfectly performed and the music (and the now outdated jokes) are terrific. Because there is no pressure to ask the film to be perfect in every possible way now that is 2013, you'll enjoy the movie if you like the music and the 'magic' of show business in a now bygone era that is portrayed very well in the dramatic scenes of the film in my opinion.

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