Flowers in the Attic


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Kristy Swanson as Elizabeth Harris
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Reviewed by Sober-Friend 7 / 10 / 10

Example On How Test Audience Can RUIN A FILM

"Flowers" is a film based on the cult novel by VC Andrews. There are secrets Chris (Jeb Stuart Adams) and Cathy (Kristy Swanson) never knew about their parents. After their father dies, the teenage siblings, along with their younger brother and sister, are sent to live with their cruel grandmother, Olivia (Louise Fletcher). Olivia is disgusted by the children -- she knows their mother (Victoria Tennant) and father were actually cousins -- and locks the brood in the attic. The kids then try to keep their spirits high in spite of their bleak situation. Now this film was re-shot and re-edited without the directors approval. The producers harmed the narrative of the story because the test audience was appalled by the incest theme-however that is what drove the book sales and made it almost mandatory reading for the JR High Set. Now the original version did "Stick close" to the source material. However when they tested the the film to girls around 13 they hated the scenes with incest themes. THE FILM SHOULD OF BEEN FILMED AS A R RATED FILM. Well that is understandable but the book had already been around for over 5 years and the girls that first read the book were now old enough to see an R RATED FILM. For years people have wanted to see the original directors cut. What is not known is who owns the film now? New World Cinema? MGM? Now if they own the film do they own the outtakes? Most importantly if a company wants to fund the restoration of the directors cut can they? Is the footage still around?

Reviewed by onemilliondj 7 / 10 / 10

I liked it.

Certainly much better than the newer version of this movie, I found it an innocent dark tale. That grandmother has serious issues! However it was terrific acting from the woman who played her part. I thought the acting was good although I didn't like the elder daughters acting. I would also like to mention the set as I feel it was a good choice to set the film where they did. I enjoyed how everything look old fashioned, I really want to stay there JUST NOT IN THE ATTIC! I thought the film was creepy in someways, for an 80s film this film hasn't aged in someways other 80s films have and considering this film was made 30 years ago next year I think they did a fine job.

Reviewed by Noirdame79 7 / 10 / 10

Innocence Lost

I saw the film before I read the novel by V.C. Andrews (who appears briefly as a maid, and who died before the movie was released), so I wasn't as disappointed as fans of the novel were when I initially viewed it as a preteen. Of course, it pales in comparison but it does boast some decent performances, nice cinematography and locations, as well as a haunting score. Most are probably familiar with the general plot, and while it must be said that both Kristy Swanson (aged 16 at the time) and Jeb Stuart Adams (approximately 25 years old during filming) are too old for the roles of the two oldest children, Cathy and Christopher, they make their characters believable. Because the general incest sub-plot was edited out of the theatrical cut of the film, due to negative reaction at a test screening, the viewer is left wondering just how deep the connection is between Cathy and Christopher. A few scenes are suggestive and leave an impression that more is going on. Also, early in the story, there appears to be some jealousy from the children's mother, Corinne (Victoria Tennant) over Cathy's relationship with her father (Marshall Colt) but again, it is not really expanded upon. Corinne was disinherited and fell out of favor with her parents (Louise Fletcher and Nathan Davis) due to marrying her half-uncle, and following her husband's tragic death, must take her children to beg forgiveness and hope to inherit some of the family's wealth. Cathy, Christopher and the twins, Cory (Ben Ryan Ganger) and Carrie (Lindsay Parker), are virtually imprisoned in a far away wing of the mansion, known as Foxworth Hall, so that Corinne can endear herself to her dying father once more. Her pious, evil, nasty mother terrorizes her grandchildren, through starvation, physical and emotional torture (again, not overly graphic) and Corinne lets the wealth and privilege go to her head and decides that her offspring would only be in the way of her new life. This leads to tragedy. The title is derived from the "special place" where the children try to make the best of a terrible situation; the spacious attic where they make a garden of paper flowers. It is also symbolic of the innocence, freedom and beauty of the outside world that was denied to them. The novel is set primarily in the south, possibly Virginia, but most of the film was shot at an estate in Massachusetts, which is an interesting double but lacks the "southern Gothic" atmosphere of the book. While the novel takes place in the 1950s, the movie is very much a product of its time - 80s glam and yuppie sensibilities. The ending was also re-shot and feels abrupt, especially if you know how the novel ends. Louise Fletcher is terrific as the menacing grandmother; Victoria Tennant is decent for the most part as the mother whose motives are (rightly) questionable, Kristy Swanson makes the role of Cathy her own, Jeb Stuart Adams, well, it's easy to see why so many teenage girls had a crush on him after his film. Ben Ryan Ganger and Lindsay Parker are adorable. It's a shame that the director's cut and alternate footage has not been released. Not a bad little horror film, it will be interesting to compare it to the "Lifetime" adaptation.

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