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Reviewed by HotToastyRag 6 / 10 / 10

Nicely filmed and easy to root for

In full, adorable Cockney glory, Michael Caine plays a janitor in Flawless. He works in for London Diamonds, and he's a reliable staple in the building—no one would ever suspect he'd do anything wrong. One day, he approaches Demi Moore—whose British accent isn't nearly as adorable or believable—and asks if she wants to be a part of a robbery he's planning. She's the only female executive and doesn't get the credit she's due, so he figures she's angry enough to take what she's earned. Let's face it, without Michael Caine, this would be a mediocre heist movie. You might not even be rooting for the leads. But Michael Caine is in the movie, so you've got someone completely likable and charming to root for. While most heist movies are filmed in a lightweight style, with flashy cuts, upbeat music, and bright colors, this one is on the darker side. It's set in the sixties, so director Michael Radford filmed in deep, saturated colors and reflected the gloomy weather of London by using lots of darks and grays. It's a new and welcome change to the heist genre, and it makes all the difference in turning Flawless into a classy film.

Reviewed by ljphotos 10 / 10 / 10

Compelling yarn but poor audio engineering

I'm a Michael Caine fan and have been working through his filmography the past six months. This title turned up and the synopsis sounded interesting. In fact, the movie IS interesting, but is cursed with inconsistent and poor sound engineering that smothers the dialogue with music underscoring sometimes, puts a group of actors in a reverberant room or lobby, or in an echoing stone sewer tunnel. To top it off, the producers only offer Spanish subtitles! Nevertheless, it's an imaginative plot with plenty of tension, aided by a period-appropriate sound track, suitably noir-ish lighting at key points, and a satisfying ending. For those who get a kick out of continuity flubs, watch for the scene with Caine near the beginning when he visits Demi Moore in her office. Pay attention to her amazing cigarette. Basically, a B- movie, it's a good entertainment for a rainy day.

Reviewed by carbuff 10 / 10 / 10

Old-time movie-making magic.

In my opinion, this is Demi Moore's best movie ever. I really wasn't crazy about watching this film, but I needed a compromise to satisfy four different people, all with different tastes. It was a somewhat complex Venn diagram, but this proved a perfect solution and a very pleasant surprise. To begin, this is not really a thriller, but falls perfectly into the crime drama classification. There is no violence or even any significant threat of it throughout the movie (except for one small part where you know Michael Caine isn't really serious--that's as close to a spoiler as I'm going to get). There is also little true action, it's really a drama. If you are under around 45 years old, I have some reservations about recommending this movie, because it will probably seem too slow. It is a throwback to movies from a time gone by, and while I watch and enjoy plenty of modern, R-rated, pulse-pounding productions, I really wish there were a lot more of these kinds of well-made, old-fashioned, good, clean films still being made. Once I was alone again, I decided to make it a long night and watched two very good modern cynical anti-hero type films, and after watching this film earlier, I felt a bit dirty. There might, after all, be something to recommend about some of the old-time values depicted in this movie. Just a thought.

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