Five Minarets in New York


Action / Drama

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May 1, 2019


Danny Glover as Baltimore Bob
Gina Gershon as Regina
Hisham Tawfiq as Prince
Robert Patrick as Senator Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erikvail-42672 7 / 10 / 10

Interesting, emotional and accepting

It was worth viewing for me as a Turkish language learner, though I have seen way better Turkish films. It does not lack the positive message, the peace and acceptance toward other religions, some kind of motif related to the return of prodigal son, mother son relationship, vengeance and a surprising unexpected ending. Those familiar with Mustafa Sandal the singer will recognize him in the person of one of the agents, the other one is played by the director himself. The main character is impersonated by Haluk Bilginer who until the mid nineties acted in Britain. Also one can see other familiar faces, like Robert Patrick, Danny Glover. I can't write full quotes, but I can tell some views of Hadji which contain something like every religion is the love of God which brings to Him, killing will make you go to hell, dying brings you to meet God. He shows full acceptance of Christians, his wife is Christian and her daughter marries a Christian.

Reviewed by Blubonnet_Spearman 7 / 10 / 10

solid thriller in a 90s style

Having looked at some of the comments and reviews here, I am a little surprised that so many have taken what is pretty much a slightly above average action drama so seriously. Its acted adequately, well shot, points out the ignorance and hypocrisy rife in America without overdoing it. It reminds me of many American movies where Yank cops would go over to another country, or city etc and show the locals how it was done. Definitely got a 90s feel to it this one, no CG, ridiculous American toilet humour of recent years, and an enjoyable change in perspective. Those with complaints about realism and believability are really overdoing it, this is really a Turkish version of an American genre movie

Reviewed by Orxan Tagiyev 7 / 10 / 10

Good Film with meaning

To understand the main meaning of the film you must know something about Turkish (somewhere Kurdish) culture. One of their old traditions is blood war. Blood war is 'If someone from family A killed someone from family B, One of relatives from family B must killed the killer from Family A and then backwards'. This film is against that tradition. Because the director of the film is Kurd and saw many problems with this tradition. The second meaning is that True Islam is for Peace. If terrorists called themselves Muslims it does not mean that they are Muslims. Quote from Qur'an : 'If you will kill a human, you will kill the whole world. If you will save a human, you will save the world.'

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