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Alan Ritchson as Ronnie Best
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Rachele Brooke Smith as Belinda Hale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EttoAudio 10 / 10 / 10

Such a Funny Movie! Check your ego at the door and just enjoy

Fun, silly movie with two leads that have great buddy chemistry throughout. Yea its a high school movie about football players and cheerleaders, but as soon as you get over yourself and your ego for daring to watch such a thing, that's when you can really enjoy the comedic timing of Eric O. and Nic D. that punches through the whole thing. Even the supporting cast (that features a LOT of familiar faces) has me cracking up every time. Its not a movie meant to change your life, it doesn't re-invent the wheel and its not meant to be deep. And it's nothing like "Bring it On"...its supposed to be a silly comedy (that actually makes you laugh) with high school fantasy rolled in. Did I mention its damn funny? Of course it had no chance of winning any movie critic awards, but it's worth a watch. Definitely an old favorite movie of mine that I still throw on every once in a while. Enjoy!

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 5 / 10 / 10

all it took for me to be hooked, was the trailer, and I'm all Fired Up!

Review based solely on the trailer, so do feel free to discredit it, for now. I do intend to obtain this one, and will then come back, adding a more informed review, so watch this space! As a huge BRING IT ON fan (well, natch! I am RavenGlamDVDCollector after all, the hottest hound dog on pretty actresses tails, er, trails) I am of course instantly intrigued, no, mesmerized, by the sight of pretty girls jumping about. I'm also a devoted AnnaLynne McCord fan (yay, 90210!) and I have to see her in this, even if she is the bad girl - Panthers Out! Ooh cute! I'm just saying! - yet again, like in NIP/TUCK. But most promising of all is this young long-legged blonde beauty Sarah Roemer who plays Carly, I can see I'm just gonna be awed by that lovely creature! The general consensus among the reviewers seems to be that the script is another plus point adding to the movie's sparkle, and it sure sounds like an unsung winner to me! Hope to buy real soon! Update, 2016/09/13. Have since obtained the DVD, and watched the movie, and I loved it. Was gonna write a review called "We are girl-watching we we are girl-watching" when I was reminded by the IMDb computer that I've already submitted the above little offering. The movie doesn't disappoint, it is every bit as cute as the trailer promised it to be. So the two leads are old boys, well, I can see why they were chosen, they fit the bill in every other aspect. So who'd have been cast among the young bucks of Hollywood, and would they have been able to match these performances? I think not. Anyway, on to the pretty stuff: Sarah Roemer defies description in terms of beauty, she is so cute she is impossibly cute, and no words I can utter would do justice to just exactly how cute she is, like perfect! AnnaLynne McCord post NIP/TUCK, pre 90210 gives a mesmerizing display as the apparently darkly psychotic lead Panther chick (who SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT turns out to be all bark but no bite) and there is a host of other young actresses playing loopy characters that make this movie fun from start to finish. I highly recommend it to people looking for a rollicking laugh. Lots of subversive little jokes too, many of the characters are gayer than rabbits, and the straight men are caught out in zany compromising situations. By the way, it is a cheerleading movie, whatever is said, it takes a while to get to actual cheerleading routines apart from practicing sessions, but that Fountain of Troy maneuver is awesome! And several others! How humans can 'fly' like birds... I wince when they fall, how do they stage the accidental falls, huh? I collect glam movies, pretty actresses are my thing, dazzling starlets, and this one, it's as good as it gets! So if you just wanna watch top quality girls, this play is just the thing!

Reviewed by SmallFox 1 5 / 10 / 10

Well, it was funny while it lasted...

The jokes were clever and witty and the 2 leads were fun to watch but, sadly this movie and all of its wit, fell victim to what A LOT of other funny movies fell victim to at that time, the love interest. I don't know why movies have to drop all the potential jokes whenever one of the leads falls in love. Because the second a funny/witty character falls in love, the jokes stop being entertaining and just become lame. The movie was silly and poked fun at stereotypes and once again the movie shined in the beginning and middle but, when I get to the ending, everything fun just took a nose dive to the ground. I left feeling disappointed.

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