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Reviewed by G_a_l_i_n_a 7 / 10 / 10

A Lemur Called Rollo

Let me take it out of my system first. There never will be another A Fish Called Wanda. That comedy was one and only, perfect, brilliant, mean, witty, the best film about culture clashes, the best backstabbing comedy, the best - everything. For me, Wanda is a Citizen Kane of the comedy. Period. What makes is outstanding, are the four partners in crime as written by John Cleese and played by Cleese himself, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, and Kevin Kline that were simply incredible, and, let's face it, despite being criminals and back-stabbers, you would love them all. I know I did. When Fierce Creatures was released 12 years ago, I ran to see it and I was bitterly disappointed. I expected Wanda, Part 2 - which is impossible because ...see the first paragraph. Last night I caught FC on TV and I have to admit that it IS a good and funny film. It knows that it is a follow up to A Fish Called Wanda. It references to the perfect predecessor, makes you laugh, and lets you meet again with the fabulous four and many supporting players from Wanda. Fierce Creatures has gained Cult Status with years, and I am now a part of its following. The script was written by John Cleese and the plot is convoluted and silly at the same time. The best, the funniest moments play off mistaken assuming that John Cleese's character Rollo, ex-cop appointed the London Marwood Zoo Director, is a sexy beast for whom one woman is not enough. The scenes between Cleese (Rollo Lee) and Willa Weston, an American business-woman (Jamie Lee Curtis) are the funniest. The weakest links in the movie are IMO Michael Palin who unlike his character Ken in AFCW can talk and he just would never shut up. His character became boring and annoying very soon. The same sadly should be said about Kevin Kline playing two roles, the Australian billionaire Ron McClain, ruthless, obnoxious, and vulgar, and his weakling loser son Vince whom his father despises. Needless to say there is not much love lost between an arrogant father and his estranged son. The film has so many hilarious jokes and witty references not only to A Fish Called Wanda but to Monty Python series that by the time of the conclusion, I had enough fun and laughs to tolerate and forgive the loud and messy final act.

Reviewed by FilmBuff1994 1 / 10 / 10

A Stellar Cast, Lackluster Comedy,

Fierce Creatures is a decent movie with a poorly developed plot, albeit a terrific comedic cast. I would certainly be rating this film much lower if it was not for the undeniable chemistry and comic timing between Kevin Kline, John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Palin. It is a pleasure to see them all together again after their stellar work in A Fish Called Wanda, it is just a shame they could not have been given better material. Kline is certainly the breakout performance here, playing two characters, one of which I was not aware was him until the end of the movie, it is always a pleasure to watch this versatile performer. The plot is entirely ineffective, following a group of people struggling to run a zoo. We see them trying to keep their business alive, but are never given a reason to truly care about these characters or their situation. The characters themselves are very poorly developed, literally as two dimensional as comedy film characters can get. We learn extremely little about everyone bar Vince, they are never given anything such as a distinguishable trait to make them more interesting. Could have been gold, but it falls flat. As much as it is a pleasure to see these four on screen once again, Fierce Creatures is a let down for fans of both Monty Python and A Fish Called Wanda, if you see it on television it is worth a watch, but do not go out of your way to see it. A self centred director takes over a zoo, much to the staffs dismay. Best Performance: Kevin Kline

Reviewed by studioAT 1 / 10 / 10

Basil Fawlty runs a zoo

This film is an obvious cash in on the success of 'A Fish Named Wanda', using many of the same actors, playing very similar roles. Lightning however rarely strikes twice, and this is a film that never moves from being 'sort of funny' to 'actually funny'. Cleese seems, as he always has, incapable of playing a role that isn't Basil Fawlty, so now we get Basil Fawlty running a zoo. How funny. Not. Depressingly, there's actually some very funny people in this film (Kevin Kline, Robert Lindsay, Ronnie Corbett) but they are either not supported by the script, or given very little to do. Even Cleese himself said that this film was a mistake. How right he truly is.

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