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Anthony Head as Sam Gervasi
Eddie Marsan as Scudder
Ivana Baquero as Claire
Paul Anderson as Andrew Wilde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by madeitupforfacebook 4 / 10 / 10

Nonsensical gharbage

I watch everything and never bother leaving reviews. This movie is unbelievably bad. The protagonist is the worst written character I have ever seen. The film is literally 2 hours of a guy provoking killers with a knife rather than co-operating, for no good reason. It's horrible.

Reviewed by whitemanfromtowne 4 / 10 / 10

Very Decent.

For an entire film to be shot in one location, you need two things, a great cast, and good story to reel you in from to start it to finish. Let me just say that Feedback has them both. Wow, what a very decent film, A story about getting to bottom of the truth about a sexual assault, and murder in a hotel room, and the whole account being aired on lived radio with some very colorful characters looking to get even. In the end it wasn't the "feedback" that they were looking for. A little gory and bloody, but executed properly with the right proportion. A definite must watch for anyone who likes dark suspense/thriller films.

Reviewed by Ringhio8 4 / 10 / 10

Almost got it...

Feedback, is a well made film, that's filled with mystery, instensity, violence and a claustrophobic atmosphere, since everything is set in a radio station. The flow is good and kidna predictable, just like the way it should be. Calm at first, aggressive and unknown, later. Everything would have been perfect in this movie, but the ending ruined everything. Despite the quite enough twists, during the film, the ending wasn't something to be surprised with. The creators/writers/director, probably wanted to play safe, because Feedback, was pretty close, to be an amazing non political/revenge movie, and most likely, "afraid" to, due to the "political correct" frenzyness. Also it's really tiring and boring, in another movie, to make references about politics and ideologies. The words "Nazi" and "Fascists" have their "honour" again, and it's totally irrelevant to the plot, especially when the "antinazi" characters, are being accused for unforgivable and horrible things. Despite that, there's a very good allusion about how much influence, publicity, power and money, can have on the masses, that are so careless for their beloving and "untouchable" celebrities's actions, where these actions, are being applauded in the end. Overall, Feedback is a good movie, and i recommend it, despite it's flaws.

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