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Benicio Del Toro as Jimmy Picard
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Jeff Bridges as Burt Vickerman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eonbluedan-1 10 / 10 / 10

Criminally underrated

A CRIMINALLY unknown film, especially in the UK, where it is close to impossible to get hold of, this Peter Weir outing, with Jeff Bridges taking the lead, also boasts star turns from John Turturro, Isabella Rossalini, and Rosie Perez, the latter of whom received an Oscar nomination. Everybody is on top form in this perfectly executed, beautiful meditation on what it is to be a human being. To explain all the subtext of "Fearless", all the symbolism, the various layers of allegory, would be an essay in itself; safe to say this is a film that sends you away reeling, thinking and talking about life for a long time. It sounds melodramatic, but when you see it, it makes perfect, serious sense. I understand it received standing ovations when it premiered, and rightly so! Many have said in the past, and I'll say it as well, that the final 10 minutes of this film is pretty much the most powerful cinema I've seen. Jeff Bridges nails it, and I find myself inexplicably in tears each time. Trying to explain it is tough; it speaks to something fundamental in you, and is truly life-affirming, if you choose to listen. A film that proves cinema, when image, performance, music and meaning are meshed perfectly, is sometimes able to convey what nothing else can.

Reviewed by chaps3 1 / 10 / 10

Great Performance by Bridges in an Amazing Film

This was a superb film. The actors were uniformly excellent. Jeff Bridges delivers one of his many outstanding, understated performances and should have had an Oscar nomination for this role. While I truly enjoy and respect Tom Hanks, Bridges' performance far surpassed Hanks' that year and Philadelphia was a mediocre movie at best. The screenplay for Fearless was imaginative and original. I have never seen a story like it. Every scene in the film felt natural and real. The psychological thru-lines were utterly believable and no moment was over played or exploited. Every scene played as the most logical event based on the actions that came before it. The characters, down to the smallest bit parts, were real and sympathetic. There were no good guys and bad guys. Each character, even the lawyer, had depth, multiple dimensions and valid reasons for their behavior. This was not the shallow Hollywood blockbuster designed to bring in the biggest box office possible. It was a thoughtful, often painful and sometimes exhilarating examination of normal people reacting to the most extreme of circumstances. One technical note. The soundtrack on my disc was very muddy. I had to turn the sound up much higher than I usually do and yet there were still some lines of dialog that I could not make out. Still this was an outstanding under-appreciated film that deserves to be seen and experienced by a wide audience.

Reviewed by inframan 1 / 10 / 10

Starman eats a strawberry

I used to like Jeff Bridges as an actor. He had this aw shucks manner, self-effacing, gullible, not a devious bone in his body. I think his peak performance was in John Carpenter's Starman, especially his Alien's Interpretation of the Stones' "I Can't Get No Satisfaction". Perfect. A meme of its time. But then poor ole Jeff couldn't seem to shed his Starman persona. His speech mannerisms seemed to adapt themselves to some outer space diction. Then in 1993 along came Fearless & the creased brow, sad downturning eyes & the by this time highly refined aw-Shucks mannerisms get blown up as big as the moon, all for the sake of a sappy pointless sentimentalist flick about a plane crash & those who make it out. Caters to the basest superstitious mindsets. Shame, Jeff, shame.

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