FDR: American Badass!


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Ahmed Best as Curtis
Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors - A Hero
Kevin Sorbo as Nick Prescott
Lin Shaye as The Vagabond
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobc-5 6 / 10 / 10

Fun time for fans of camp

Gov. Roosevelt, a man's man of a badass if there ever was one, is stricken with polio after being bitten by a Nazi werewolf sent to eliminate him. The plan backfires. With his resolve strengthened by adversity, FDR goes on to become president and takes a hands-on approach to defeating the Axis werewolves in World War II. This is an absurd film which intentionally shoots for a high level of camp. The mostly juvenile humor, which is not particularly clever or witty, relies heavily on the comic acting ability of the stars to make it work. It does work most of the time because Barry Bostwick is hilarious in his over-the-top performance as a Badass FDR and he gets excellent support from Bruce McGill playing his ever-present right-hand man. As you might expect, this is a very hit-or-miss kind of humor. This isn't a problem if moving briskly from one gag to the next, but this movie chooses instead to draw out each gag as long as possible. It's fun when the gag is working but tedious on those many occasions when it isn't. The excessive make-up on the Axis werewolves makes it impossible for them to do any acting, which means that every scene with them in it falls completely flat. Several more scenes are weakened by supporting actors who try to out-emote Bostwick rather than playing straight-men for him. On the whole, however, it was a very fun movie to watch and is a must-see film for anyone who enjoys intentional camp.

Reviewed by roger-debacker 5 / 10 / 10

This film is a disaster

I admit that I didn't watch the film to the end. I just couldn't. They lost me when they watched the election results and Eleanor draped her bra in front of her while his (son?) pooped in a jar. Is this the filmmakers understanding of humor? Up to that episode of the film, there was really not a thing I could have called funny (which was what the film is supposed to be, I think). The story is so unthinkable (FDR bitten by a Werewolf who turns out to have a swastika on his belly and carries Mein Kampf, Hitler's piece of prose, please, give me a brake). The only strong point of the film, if you would like to call it that, is the strong language used by the majority of the actors, but is rather quite misplaced and unnecessary.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

It's the Delano talking

After Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter another American president made his reputation defeating the great werewolf conspiracy to take over the world. I'll bet you didn't know that about Franklin D. Roosevelt also known as FDR: American Badass. With standards like these to live up to, no wonder future presidents have so much trouble. It all starts when Governor FDR has a brush with a werewolf who bit him on the leg. Quick medical attention saved his life, but he was given a case of polio which left his legs paralyzed and shriveled. Also a definite turnoff for wife Eleanor played by Lin Shaye. Barry Bostwick who plays FDR has the patrician accent, but a gutter sense of humor a lot like some of the low brow politicians who put him in the White House. After being diagnosed with polio he's relieved to hear his male member is still good for any kind of use he has in mind. This was no accident however that a werewolf was on the grounds of Hyde Park. The leaders of Germany, Italy, and Japan are all werewolves and they've formed an axis to take over the world. FDR has a personal interest in ridding the world of this menace. When war comes FDR takes the crusade to those werewolf powers and I do mean personally. Silver bullets have been issued to our troops on land and sea and air. In the end he gets the job done himself. A proactive war leader the way Lincoln was in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Speaking of Lincoln, when FDR is in a moment of crisis the White House butler tells him about George Washington's secret stash of hash. And while tripping out Kevin Sorbo as Lincoln gives him a trip like Peter Pan gave the Darling kids and Bostwick's duty is clear. When I was young and growing with parents who lived through the Depression and World War II, FDR was one god like figure and you'd never see a film like this. Surviving people of the previous generation probably wouldn't appreciate this film and it's not the greatest comedy I've ever seen. Still a few laughs will be had.

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