Evil Dead II


Comedy / Horror

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Bruce Campbell as Humane Society Worker
Greg Nicotero as Extra
Sam Raimi as Parade Reporter
Ted Raimi as Dennis Skinner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theterminator-92378 8 / 10 / 10

The Evil Dead's best

Ash Williams is back and his girlfriend and him go to a errie cabin in the woods but when they come across the research into the book of the dead they unleash something horrible. Bruce Cambell is Ash Williams it's more crazier than the first movie with some of the best acting in the series.the rest of the cast is Sarah Berry,Dan Hicks,Kassie Wesley DePaiva,Denise Bixler,Richard Domeier,John Peakes,Lou Hancock. The Evil Dead 2 was a comedy and so when it came to the determing for whether it would be a comedy or a horror because it has moments of of pure gore which i love and then there is comedy which is refreshing for a horror series. I would have to say that the evil dead 2 is one of my favorite comedy horror movies and Bruce Cambel is just so iconic in this one and i love him and it is his best work definitely and the movie is just one i can just enjoy over and over again.

Reviewed by Wuchak 10 / 10 / 10

Awkward, confusing start turns into insane, over-the-top horror comedy

RELEASED IN 1987 and written & directed by Sam Raimi, "The Evil Dead" chronicles events when two Michigan State students (Bruce Campbell & Denise Bixler) travel to a remote cabin in western Tennessee for spring break wherein they discover a copy of the Book of the Dead and an audiotape whose incantations resurrect demons in the woods. The daughter of the archeologist who made the tape (Sarah Berry) also visits the cabin with her beau (Richard Domeier) and a couple of dubious locals (Dan Hicks & Kassie Wesley DePaiva). The first film was low-budget, cartoony and extreme, but it was serious horror. This sequel is also cartoony and extreme, but it's decidedly comedy horror. It's entertaining for what it is, but it's hindered by a confusing opening "recap" that doesn't match the previous film. Raimi stated that he didn't have the rights to use material from the original movie so he did a 7-minute recap with only two people instead of five (with Denise Bixler taking over the role of Linda). But there are other inconsistencies: The Book of the Dead and audiotape is found in a room rather than the basement and Ash (Campbell) later "rediscovers" that the bridge is out, which he already knew via events in the first film. Once you get past the awkward and perplexing set-up, the movie settles into an entertaining over-the-top gory horror comedy, which is so creative it's as if it was made by a lunatic. Bixler is a great replacement in the role of Linda, but her part is too brief and you only catch glimpses of her stunning beauty. It took me a while to warm up to Annie (Berry), but I eventually did and she's a worthy secondary protagonist. There are several amusing and thrilling sequences, like the demonic hand scenes. THE FILM RUNS 1 hour & 24 minutes and was shot in Wadesboro and (studio) Wilmington, North Carolina, with supplementary work done in Detroit. ADDITIONAL WRITER: Scott Spiegel. GRADE: B-/C+

Reviewed by metahumanity_01 10 / 10 / 10

What the first did for horror, this one did for rollercoasting

High Octane sequel to the first one. This time with some money for latex, lighting and actors. The story of the first one is retold in a streamlined 8 minute segment and then proceeds to tell the lead´s stroy through the second night of his bloody weekend. The whole thing now plays for laughs with some healthy horror injections throughout. ED2 sacrificed the spooky hardcore horror from the original and increased the slapstick and nonsensical dark humor. And somehow it works amazingly, almost making this into an alternate Universe version of the first one. The first Evil Dead to me is best horror movie ever made. A perfect combination of cheap grit, gore horror and haunted house movie. Amazing little gem. This one is the best horror slapstick ever, and is basically the blueprint for the current Ash vs Evil Dead series. I owuld go as far as to call this movie a must see for filmstudents. The camera, timing, framing, editing, sound design etc etc are all exemplary film making. Still schlock, still cheap, and still one of the best and most imaginative rides on celluloid. 100% recommended for every movie fan from 8 to 80.

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