Embrace of the Vampire


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Jennifer Tilly as Cindy Figler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 4 / 10 / 10

Erotic and Sexy

The seventeen year-old Charlotte (Alyssa Milano) is a virgin college student from a Catholic high-school and girlfriend of her college mate Chris (Harrison Pruett). Near to the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a vampire (Martin Kemp) that was her lover in a past life tries to seduce her to regain his human life. However Charlotte is in love with Chris and the vampire sends the sexy Marika (Jennifer Tilly) to seduce him. Meanwhile Charlotte is also sexually tempted by the lesbian Sarah (Charlotte Lewis). "Embrace of the Vampire" is an erotic and sexy tale that uses the attractive figure of the vampire to expose the naked body and breasts of Alyssa Milano. The story can be written in half a page and is basically a storyline entwined with scenes of sex. The most incredible is that there is a remake of this movie. My vote is four. Title (Brazil): "A Sedução do Mal – Os Diários de Nosferatu" ("The Seduction of Evil – The Nosferatu's Diaries")

Reviewed by DigitalRevenantX7 5 / 10 / 10

Irritatingly conservative for a vampire softcore thriller.

Centuries after his rebirth as a member of the undead, a vampire discovers the soul of his beloved princess lover, who has been dead a long time, in the form of Charlotte Wells, an innocent virginal college student. With only three days to spare before his death approaches, the vampire attempts to seduce Charlotte & make her a vampire to save his soul. This 1994 New Line production was one of two films that actress Alyssa Milano had appeared in right after her role in the family sitcom Who's the Boss had ended after eight years on the air, in an attempt for her to tackle more adult roles. Around the same time as this one, she also appeared in Poison Ivy II: Lily, which was a poor sequel to the Drew Barrymore cult hit that started the cable television erotica trend. Her director from Lily, Anne Goursaud, also directs this film. Going into the film with the expectation of seeing Alyssa Milano naked & having hot vampire action, I found The Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire to be a very poor film. It is not entirely terrible – there are occasional moments of style & you mostly get what you asked for, with plenty of opportunities for Milano to take her clothes off (but only seeing her breasts & butt, nothing else) & to make out with both men & women (the scene were Milano visits a photography student friend's studio & volunteers for a saucy photo shoot, only to start a girl-on-girl session with the friend is probably the most hardcore the film gets) – but the problem with it is that it is not so much a vampire film than a vampire stalker film. The biggest problem I had with the film is the same one I had with Poison Ivy II: Lily – its conservatism. Both films appear to have been made as a warning for viewers not to engage in sexual relationships outside of approved grounds – in both films, Milano plays a sweet, innocent thing who gets corrupted by an exterior force & becomes a sexpot who almost gets in over her head before sacrificing her trashy life & returning to the arms of her patient & extremely forgiving boyfriend. While the message is not particularly offensive if taken on its own, it is offensive when seen in what should have been a sexy erotic horror film. Anne Goursaud seems to be acting for the Catholic Church in some way by reversing the sexual revolution of the previous decades & advocating sexual abstinence for young people. What I really hate about the film is that on one hand it is preaching a message for women not to be sexually adventurous, yet on the other hand displaying gratuitous nudity & softcore couplings in an attempt to sell the film as erotica. This contradictory message is annoying & offensive for viewers who wanted an erotic thriller, not an anti-sex rant by what seems to be a proxy for the Catholic Church.

Reviewed by tvsweeney-39052 5 / 10 / 10

Apathetic Enactment

Formulaic plot: In olden times, boy loves girl, boy becomes vampire, boy loses girl, then finds her centuries later. She's now in love with someone else and... take it from there. This premise still makes sense, but when applied to the story that follows, it crumbles rapidly. The heroine is so vapidly naive, it's laughable. No one, even someone supposedly raised in a convent school as the heroine was, could be THAT unaware. There are nude sex scenes--lesbian, menage a quartre, orgy--making this soft-soft core but that's about all it has going for it. There's little of the usual blood and gore of a vampire film--the vampires chews, rather than merely bites--and not much of anything else except the titillation of the nudity. Other than that it seems to have had a heavy dose of apathy. A disappointment and a waste of talent and viewer time...but it did make me nod off so I saved on sedatives.

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