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Aimee Garcia as Rita
Emilio Rivera as Shadow
George Lopez as Eddie Martinez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chatpilot 4 / 10 / 10

A Punisher rip off!

Okay, I went into this movie with high hopes. Watching the trailer reminded me of the Marvel character The Punisher and the Netflix hit series. The first hour of the movie was a snooze fest. It dragged on and took forever to develop the story. Once we get to some real action we find that the fight scenes although good in my opinion were not shot very well. If you were going to see go to see Kate Del Castillo as a drug lord forget about it. The scene of here in the trailer is the extent of here active participation in this film. The acting in general was wooden and unconvincing and One other annoying aspect of this film was the the main character kept having flash backs to the same exact scene of his childhood over and over again. This is definitely a one time watch for me. If you go in not expecting much you may not be disappointed.

Reviewed by drjgardner 6 / 10 / 10

A little slow

There are some good things here but the film drags for the first hour and once the action takes place, there isn't a lot and what there is seems a little style-ized like John Wick. Unfortunately there isn't much background to explain how the hero gets his abilities. And the villains aren't exactly formidable so that prevailing over them isn't a big deal. That being said, the story was OK and I liked the Aztec references. It's a good idea and I hope they do the next one with a little more thought. If you want a film with a more authentic feel, try "Avenge the Crows".

Reviewed by babyjaguar 6 / 10 / 10


"El Chicano" has a limited release across the country and directed (and co-written) by Ben Hernandez Bray, distributed by Briarcliff Entertainment and produced by WarParty Films. Hernandez Bray is from the San Fernando Valley and of Irish and Mexican descent. He has been directing TV episodes of DC's Arrow and Super Girl series. Before his directing, he started as a stunt coordinator and his newest film explores a Latino "superhero" or "anti-hero", a vigilante in L.A. against gang and cartel subcultures complete with weapons and face mask adorned with pre-Columbian insignia . It stars Raul Castillo, Aimee Garcia, Jose Pablo Cantillo, David Castaneda, Marco Rodriguez, Sal Lopez, Marlene Forte, Kate Del Castillo and George Lopez in a non-comic role. There is an interesting angle in the story as an urban war brews between Mexican nationals (cartel syndicates) and Mexican American communities ("El Chicano" is on this side). This film is dark, showing "barrio" culture steeped in violence. Reviews have been both negative and positive; some feel the story takes too long to develop but it follows an "origin" story. While other reviews feel that when the action begins, it's strong with blood and violence. Considering that Hernandez Bray was a stunt actor and coordinator, this film delivers with fight action scenes and it's part of the AMC independent series.

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